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Windfall is a fictional character and reformed supervillain in the DC Comics universe. She first appeared in Batman and the Outsiders #9, written by Mike W. Barr and drawn by Jim Aparo. Wendy Jones had aerokinetic abilities. Originally a member of the nature-themed supervillain group called the Masters of Disaster, Windfall helped fight the The Outsiders on more than one occasion. The second time was when the Masters helped Baron Bedlam in a Soviet-backed invasion of Markovia.

During this incident, she again helped to save the life of the superheroine Halo despite orders from the team leader and Windfall's sister, the homicidal New Wave. The tensions between the two were only partially calmed with the intervention of Shakedown. These incidents led to Windfall quitting the team and beginning a lengthy stint with the Outsiders.

During the 1987 Outsiders special, Windfall helped in a reversal of her original appearance. Markovia was again under threat of invasion by outside forces. She assisted the Outsiders and Infinity Inc. in freeing the country.

She temporarily left the Outsiders and ended up associated with Strike Force Kobra. As part of this group, she fought her old comrades on at least one occasion. She came to her senses and rejoined the Outsiders briefly. She suffered with them in the reality-defying tortures of Felix Faust's home dimension. The Outsiders escape only when Faust's items of power were destroyed.

Windfall later left adventuring behind and returned to college. However, while in school she was invited to a party at a fraternity house, where she was drugged and raped by members of the fraternity. She was further humiliated when pictures of the act were posted on the internet and was subsequently expelled from school. Windfall retaliated by using her powers to asphyxiate her tormentors, leading to her recruitment by Amanda Waller for the Suicide Squad.

Windfall accompanied the Squad on a mission to the Middle East in an effort to destroy a designer bio-weapon, the Crimson Tears virus. During the mission, the group was betrayed by one of its members, the General, who led a mutiny of the team from within. One of his co-conspirators, Cliff Carmichael hijacked control of Squad member Chemo and used it to attack those Squad members not in on the mutiny. Windfall attempted to shield the group with an air wall, but wasn't able to contain the chemical giant's attack. She died when Chemo's blast overwhelmed her shield and reduced her to a skeleton.

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