Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maggie Greene

Maggie Greene is a fictional character of the comic book series The Walking Dead played by Lauren Cohan and the television adaption of the same name. She is Hershel Greene's eldest daughter and Glenn's current lover. In the comics, she is Glenn's wife and has taken the role of being a surrogate mother to Sophia.

Maggie Greene is Hershel's middle daughter who eventually becomes involved with Glenn to her father's initial displeasure and eventual acceptance. She is shown as rebellious and independent. Her relationship with Glenn starts off as a need to have a sexual partner; later, however, it gradually becomes more serious and heartfelt. While they're located in an abandoned prison, she subsequently marries Glenn in a ceremony performed by her father inside of the cafeteria.

Following the prison assault by the Woodbury Army, where Hershel and her brother Billy, the last remaining members of her family, are killed, Maggie sinks into a deep depression that Glenn is unable to help with. Maggie journeyed with the group led by Sergeant Abraham Ford, to Washington D.C., until the depression was too much and, sneaking off into the forest, she hangs herself. However, she was rescued by Glenn and Abraham and was successfully resuscitated. She struggles to convince the group that she is fine, and now begins to feel like she has to hide herself emotionally from Glenn. The two manage though to still maintain a healthy, albeit occasionally strained, relationship. They recently have taken the role of becoming Sophia's surrogate parents. She remains the last survivor of her immediate family.

Hershel's oldest daughter. She takes a liking towards Glenn soon after he and the other Atlanta survivors take refuge at her father's farm. She has held a strong sense of faith throughout the years, but is now starting to have doubts about what she believes in. She and Glenn share a few tender moments at the farm before they wind up having sex inside a local pharmacy during their mission to retrieve supplies. While Glenn is ecstatic afterward, she insists that it was a one time thing, and covers the truth from her father when they return to the farm. However, after Glenn defends her from a walker attack during another foraging expedition, she begins to develop stronger feelings for him, and they begin to establish a relationship.

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