Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name. He is the owner of a Georgian farm and has previous experience in the veterinary fields.

Hershel was displayed as a middle aged man who had been grown up on his family's farm and he had developed a love for animals. As an adult, he held a veterinary business with his wife, which ended up collapsing once she died. Distraught over the loss and unable to do much (while at the same time forcing himself to develop a more religious point of view), he chose to fulfill his father's dying wish by moving himself and his seven children back to the farm and tending to the livestock, as well as being able to return to the old and simplistic form of life that he missed while he was living in the city. He struggled with the family finances, especially when it came to the expenses from college for some of his older children. Hershel was sheltered from the reality of the outside world when the apocalypse began and confused about what exactly was happening; when his son Shawn was bitten, Hershel was unable to handle the thought of killing him, and desperately clung to the belief that zombies were merely sick humans who could return to normal with a cure. He resorted to locking them up inside his barn whenever they wandered onto the property.

When the Atlanta band took refuge at the farm after one of their own was shot, he welcomed them with open arms, however he gradually grew frustrated with them; this came to a head when the barn burst open and the zombies killed two of his other children. He was distraught over their deaths, and blamed the survivors for what had happened. After he discovered his daughter sleeping with Glenn and then the other members of the group refusing to leave, he put a gun to Rick's head and thus forced them out (though afterward, he was ashamed and scared of the fact that he was on the verge of taking an innocent life). As the barn becomes increasingly unsafe, he and the rest of his people make the decision to join the Atlanta band at a safe and secure semi-abandoned prison where they next take shelter.

He makes up with everyone and gradually begins to accept Maggie's relationship with Glenn. His medical experience, which comes in handy for the survivors several times (such as delivering Lori's baby), as well as his farm-work knowledge which he uses to start growing fresh crops in the prison fields. His two youngest daughters die at the hands of a deranged prisoner, adding to his family's death toll. He remains in shock for a while, only to get closure by forcing himself to watch the man's death at the hands of zombies outside of the premises. Now more than ever, he only lives for the protection and survival of his two remaining children. After marrying Maggie and Glenn, and knowing Glenn will take care of her for as long as he lives, he sees closure with that child and narrows his focus down to his youngest son Billy. He engages fiercely in the battle against the Governor and the Woodbury citizens but ultimately gives up on life after his son Billy is killed while they are fleeing the prison. In his last moments, he turned down the chance to escape with Rick and the others and remained hovering over his dead son's body until he caught the attention of the Governor. His tearful last words were, "Dear God, please kill me", before being shot in the head by the Governor.

Hershel was described as being raised by an abusive, alocholic father, which resulted in him running away from the farmhouse at 15 years old and later not being at his father's deathbed. During his time away from the area, he got an education and became a veterinarian. At some point, he had divorced his wife, Josepine, and married another woman named Annete (who had a son) and moved back to the farm which he took control of. Sometime after the apocalypse had begun, he lost his wife and step-son to the hordes of zombies. He and the rest of his group remain unaware of the reality of the outside world and strongly believe that there can be a cure. As a result of this mistaken belief, Hershel keeps a large group of walkers, mostly family and friends, locked in a nearby barn, a fact he keeps hidden from the Atlanta survivors.

When Otis accidentally shoots Carl, Hershel treats the boy as best he can with the limited amount of equipment and miraculously, he's able to save his life. He sinks into a deep depression after watching his zombified family and friends get shot, and briefly drowns his sorrow with alcohol (drinking alcohol had been an old habit of his that he was able to give up once Maggie was born). He feels foolish that he believed they could be treated and knows that he has to accept the new world in order to stay strong for his two daughters.When walkers started to invade his farm, he attemped to fend them off by standing out in the open shooting at them. Holding his own with a shotgun, he is forced to retreat with Rick and Carl, not knowing if anyone else had made it. Going back to the highway in the season premiere, they stay there until the rest of the survivors come, without Jimmy, Patricia, and Andrea. Jimmy and Patricia had been eaten, but Andrea was still running from the walkers. Having trust in Rick, Hershal says they should keep moving, while camping blocks away from a prison, soon to be their stronghold.

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