Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name.

Carol Peletier was a Caucasian middle aged widow and caring mother to her daughter Sophia. She usually assisted the other mothers in domestic duties such as washing clothes and looking after the children. Usually a friendly and chatty (albeit neurotic) woman, Carol and her daughter joined a handful of other survivors in Atlanta and set up a campsite in a nearby quarry, whom she befriended fairly quickly — most noticeably Lori, with whom she shared a strong relationship, often conversing about the current happenings around them. Lori was also who she relied on the most for support whenever it was needed.

After leaving their first campsite, they met a man named Tyreese, who Carol grew to have a liking towards.Eventually, the two became romantically attached to one another. She and Tyreese stayed close throughout their stay at Hershel's farm and leading up to their arrival at the abandoned prison. Tension started to come between them however when Michonne was introduced, and Carol began to notice, much to her dismay, their similar physical and personality traits. She later witnessed Michonne performing oral sex on him inside of the prison gymnasium. This initially led her to try and compete for his affection (albeit degradingly), but ultimately she broke off the relationship and tried avoiding any further confrontations. Soon after the break-up, her mental health came into question and, after nights of crying (as witnessed by Carl), resulted in an attempt to commit suicide. Soon after the cutting, Carol became desperate for companionship and wanted to have a poly-amorous relationship among Rick and Lori, only to be shot down. Her behavior increasingly disturbed and annoyed both Lori and Rick, which she had taken knowledge of herself.

As she planned to commit suicide, she made sure Lori promised to take care of Sophia. She then initiated sex with Hershel's youngest son Billy, and after wandering through the prison courtyard and talking to a zombie, allowed it to tear at her jugular. She refused for anyone to try and help her, saying that they should let her die in peace. She was killed by a merciful Andrea during her reanimation process before she had the chance to bite a saddened Tyreese.

Carol is displayed as a friendly and nurturing individual, who can also become meek and overly-emotional at times. Before the apocalypse began, and continuing for a brief time during, she was a quiet and ashamed victim of domestic abuse. She avoided confrontation with her husband in attempt to stifle his anger, though she secretly prayed to God that he be punished for abusing her and having sexual temptations toward their daughter.

During her stay at the camp, she regularly performed domestic duties such as washing and ironing clothes for her and her fellow survivors (usually with the help from some of the other women in the group). After Ed's abusive tendencies are exposed to the rest of the group, Shane furiously beats Ed and Carol slowly begins to stand up for herself. After an attack on the camp that claimed Ed's life, Daryl is disposing of the dead bodies to prevent them from returning as walkers. Whilst he is doing so, Carol insists that she be the one to impale Ed with the pick-axe Daryl is using. She begins hesitantly doing so, but then starts to attack his corpse with great anger, venting her rage towards her husband and his years of abusive behavior.

In Season 2, Sophia is lost in the woods after being chased by walkers. Carol blames herself for what happened to Sophia but also casts the blame upon Rick. As the search for Sophia goes on, her hope begins to diminish, but yet she refuses to give up and insists that the group keep searching (even after the group is split up when Carl is shot). She is seen crying at night over the loss of her daughter and has begun to help with the nighttime look-out shift on top of the RV. Eventually, she seems to be shutting down emotionally, refusing anyone's attempt to console her. Daryl gives her a flower later on however and she's visibly moved by his heartfelt speech that he gives to her about hope and keeping strong. Carol is well adjusting to living at the farm, though she still is in the process of recovering from her depression. As a sign of gratitude to Hershel and his group, she and Lori make dinner for them. During the dinner, she brings up a plate to Daryl and kisses him on the cheek, acknowledging how noble and caring he is (compared to her deceased husband). She and Daryl begin to form a deeper bond from here, with her constantly being concerned for his well-being. She sunk into a deep depression following Sophia's reveal as a zombie, and relies on Daryl now more than ever. Over the course of this post Sophia era, her meekness has greatly diminished and her self-confidence has grown enormously, as she is now beginning standing up for herself.

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