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Misfit (Charlotte "Charlie" Gage-Radcliffe) is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. She first appeared in Birds of Prey #96 (September 2006) as a wannabe Batgirl, before taking on her own identity as Misfit. Misfit debuts as a shadowy figure, wearing a homemade variation of Barbara Gordon's classic Batgirl costume, accurate enough to be mistaken for the original article at night. She seems to have some proficiency with martial arts and Batarangs, as she's able to save a couple from muggers. The male of the rescued couple says "Batgirl is back!"

That's enough for Barbara to send Black Canary and Huntress to find the new Batgirl. With Gypsy as a lure, acting as a damsel in distress, the girl then reveals herself, and after displaying her metahuman powers of teleportation, superstrength and enhanced healing, saves Huntress from being wounded, and displaying her extensive knowledge of the Birds of Prey's activities, she teleports right behind Barbara to speak with her. Oracle, impressed by the young girl's abilities, but deterred by her young age, shows her photos of Stephanie Brown's autopsy to dissuade her from crime-fighting. The mystery girl agrees to retire her Batgirl identity, but not to abandon her heroic activities.

In fact, she simply applies some minor cosmetic changes to her costume, like a stylized (bat-like) letter M instead of the batwings, and a denim miniskirt, and renames herself Misfit. Her proficiency with her powers in this period seems enhanced, as she's now able to teleport between Metropolis and Southern California and from Oracle's headquarters in Metropolis to an unspecified location in Russia. There she aids the Birds of Prey against the Secret Six.

Her identity ceased to be a mystery when the new Spy Smasher discloses her real name and last known address to Oracle. Misfit is revealed to be the only daughter of a single mother. She lived in a slum in Metropolis, until a fire broke out. Misfit is apparently able to teleport herself and anything non-organic, but not to bring anything living with her. She was able to teleport to safety, but had to leave her mother to die. Alone and scared, Misfit used her powers to spy on the Birds of Prey, secretly admiring the group of female crimefighters. The Birds agree to act as a surrogate, if dysfunctional, family for the girl

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