Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name.

Lori Grimes was displayed as an average middle class housewife living in Cynthiana, Kentucky. As the outbreak began, she and Carl were evacuated out of the city with help from Rick's partner and best friend Shane Walsh, in hopes of getting to where her parents lived. During the evacuation, the guilt that she had been wracked with over abandoning Rick led her to have a one night stand with Shane, which she deeply regretted afterward. She continually brushed off Shane's attempts at advances and ignored him even more when Rick miraculously arrived at their campsite.

She soon found out, after counting her missed periods, that she was pregnant, however she hesitated to tell anybody until after Shane's death and their move back onto the road.

She faced things such as morning sickness and mood swings throughout the first few months of her pregnancy. She and everyone else found relative stability at an abandoned prison, with hot showers, supplies, and security. While at the prison, she also began to deepen her bond with fellow survivor Carol Peletier. She was frequently concerned with the well-being of both her family and the rest of the group. After giving birth to an infant girl that she and Rick named Judith, she remained extremely protective over her.

During the final stages of the prison assault led by The Governor, she suffered a fatal shotgun blast to the back, and crushed Judith with her weight.

After Rick is gunned down and wounded in the line of duty, and left in a coma, the zombie apocalypse occurs. Believing Rick to be dead, Lori, along with Carl, goes with Shane towards Atlanta, counting on him to keep her son safe. Lori later settles with the other survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta – extremely compassionate and empathetic Lori is the emotional center of the survivor group. With their entire world in chaos, Lori will cling to her humanity and fight to maintain their decency and rituals, offering comfort to everyone as they face their individual tragedies. First and foremost, she is a fiercely protective mother, desperate to keep her son safe and extremely wary of anyone she doesn't trust getting too close to him. Lori, having been told Rick was dead by Shane, eventually succumbed to her growing feelings and embarked on a passionate sexual relationship with Shane (without Carl’s knowledge). Lori was shell-shocked when Rick returned with the scavenger group alive and well, and later confronted Shane, believing he lied (though in truth he didn’t) and ends their affair. Shane takes this badly and is increasing bitter about it – he clearly still lusts for Lori and, at the CDC where he almost rapes her, Shane expresses his belief Lori loves him. In Season 2, Lori and Shane have a short discussion over what has happened, both at the CDC and before during the crisis, and it is implied that, while Lori is with Rick, she is also drawn to Shane. Lori discovers shortly afterwards she is pregnant with what may be Shane's baby, a discovery that terrifies her. After accepting the situation, Lori admits both her condition and her previous affair to Rick, the former of which he accepts, despite the baby almost certainly being Shane's, while also revealing he had always known about the latter. Shane, upon learning of this from Rick, confronted Lori about it, believing the baby is his - Lori, ultimately, admits this is almost certainly true, but, Lori makes it clear that while the baby would biologically be his, it would be raised by Lori and Rick, without Shane. When Shane is killed (first by Rick, then by Carl), and the farmhouse is ambushed with a large horde of walkers, Lori briefly helps killing them but she spent time looking for Carl, which, unbeknown to her, was with Rick. Lori pulled Beth away when Patricia was caught by the walkers, and the two girls drove over safely with T-Dog. Reunited again, Rick reveals that Shane did not make it, but he does not mention that he was the one to murder him. When Rick's car starts to run low on fuel, the survivors stop and have no choice but to camp for the night. This is where Rick reveals that Jenner told him that, whatever the disease is, they all carry it and even if they don't get bit or scratched by a walker, when they die they will turn into walkers. (Thus explains Randall's and Shane's transformation.) When Rick walks away, Lori, at first, comforts him until he reveals he killed Shane, then she breaks down. She's so disgusted at Rick's actions that she won't even let him touch her, and it is then that it dawns on her how much she cared for Shane.

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