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Horton the Elephant

Horton the Elephant is a fictional character from the books Horton Hatches the Egg and Horton Hears a Who!, both by Dr. Seuss. Horton is a kind, sweet-natured elephant who cares about other animals or people. Though he goes through many hardships, whether trying to keep an egg warm through storms, rough travels, and humiliating shows, or tries to save a small planet from harm, he always triumphs; the egg hatches into an elephant-bird, while the planet is saved and respected by the others. He is very popular because of his big heart and respectful compassion, which makes him more humorous.

Horton is also a character on the TV series The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. Kent Rogers voiced the character in "Horton Hatches the Egg". He is also a principal character in Seussical the Musical, which uses most of the two Horton books as its primary plotline.

Horton is voiced by Jim Carrey in the computer-animated adaptation of Horton Hears A Who, where he is shown as being eccentric and imaginative, and sort of absent-minded.

Horton Hatches the Egg

Mayzie: A lazy bird who convinces Horton to sit on the egg, while she takes a "short break" (which ends up being a permanent relocation to Palm Beach). When Horton and his egg (now part of a traveling circus) visit near Palm Beach, she demanded it back until it hatched into an elephant bird. In the Broadway musical production Seussical, her full name is given as Mayzie La-Bird.

Hunters: 3 game hunters who planned to shoot Horton, but decided to sell him to the circus due to his ability to climb trees. In the Seuss book, they are illustrated as gentle folk, but in the cartoon, they look more like Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd.

Elephant Bird: This was the result of what happens when Mayzie's egg was hatched by Horton. He had the parts of an elephant and a bird. Afterwards, the Elephant Bird was adopted by Horton. In "The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss," the Elephant Bird was named Morton, possibly a combination of "Mayzie" and "Horton".

Horton Hears A Who

Sour Kangaroo or Jane Kangaroo: A cruel and obsessive kangaroo who does not believe that the Whos and Whoville exist. She also believes Horton knows they don't exist. She will do anything to get rid of Whoville, and even follows Horton over the mountains to carry out her nasty mission. Voiced by Carol Burnett in the film. And also, in the film, she isn't so much cruel as overprotective.

Junior Kangaroo: Sour Kangaroo's young joey. Junior has the habit of repeating what his mother says, even if it's not a word, such as "HMMPH". In the film, his name is Rudy and actually believes in the Whos. He's voiced by Josh Flitter in the film.

Mayor of Whoville: The mayor of the microscopic world of Whoville who cares very much for his city and its people. In the animated special of Horton Hears a Who, he is changed quite a bit: his name is Dr. Hoovey and he is a scientist who works on communicating with extraterrestrial life. Nobody in Whoville believes him about Horton until Whoville crashes when Vlad drops the flower and decides to help him save Whoville. In the film, the mayor is named "Ned McDodd" and is the latest of a long legacy of mayors. He has a huge family- 96 daughters and JoJo. Voiced by Steve Carell in the film.

The Wickersham Brothers: A group of vicious monkeys who steal the flower upon which Whoville rests. They have a very large family consisting of their uncles, cousins, and in-laws who help bind Horton. The main Wickersham, Yummo, is voiced by Dan Fogler in the film. Fogler also voices the "Chairman" in the film.

Vlad Vladikoff: A black eagle that takes the flower that Whoville rests upon and drops it in a huge patch of flowers. In the animated special of Horton Hears a Who, his name is changed to Whizzer McWoff and he appears more sinister than his book counterpart, more like a vulture than an eagle. Voice by Will Arnett in the film adaptation. Also in that adaptation, he is a vulture.

JoJo: A little boy who is quiet by nature, but turns out to be very loud when he saved Whoville by shouting the made up word "YOPP". In Seussical, he plays a much larger role. He is portrayed as an over-imaginative boy who is misunderstood by everyone except for The Cat in the Hat and Horton. He ends up being the hero. In the film, he is portryed very differently, as a bit of a rebel, older (14) and silent; he is the son of the mayor and voiced by Jesse McCartney.


Gertrude McFuzz: While in only one other media (Her original Seuss story, which did not feature Horton at all) Gertrude is a very prominent character throughout Seussical. In this play, Gertrude, a shy yet incredibly sweet bluebird is Horton's next door neighbor with a not so well hidden secret, she is very much in love with Horton. The only problem, Gertrude is unimpressed with her one feather of a tail and tries to grow it in order to get him to notice her, it fails. He does end up noticing her however when she saves him from the circus and the two end up becoming a couple and decide to team together in order to give horton the elephant bird a proper upbringing.

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