Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dawn Granger

In 1988, a new Hawk and Dove mini-series written by Karl and Barbara Kesel reintroduced Hawk and Dove. This series introduced a woman named Dawn Granger as the second Dove. The new Dove mysteriously received her powers while attempting to save her mother from terrorists. At the end of the mini-series, it was revealed that Dawn received her powers the moment Don had been stripped of them. This Dove, while considerably more aggressive and self-confident than Don, also has greater-than-average strength and dexterity, faster-than-human speed, and expanded mental capabilities. Dove fights mostly defensively, preferring to out-think and remain in control of her opponent. Like Hawk, she also heals incredibly quickly and cannot revert to Dawn if her wounds or some other condition would be fatal to Dawn. It was later revealed that Hawk and Dove become beings that are direct conduits of the respective planes of Chaos and Order.

Set in Washington, D.C. (where the duo attended Georgetown University), the series introduced several supporting characters, including Hank's girlfriend, Ren Takamori, and friends Kyle Spenser and Donna Cabot. They also worked with police Captain Brian "Sal" Arsala, who would develop a mutual admiration with Dawn. It also introduced Kestrel, an evil spell created by M'Shulla, and Barter, owner of Barter Trading: Exotic Goods and Services.

In issues #14-17 of the ongoing series, Kestrel, in the body of Ren Takamori, lured Hawk and Dove to the mystical land of Druspa Tau — also home to the Lords of Chaos and Order. Hawk and Dove cut a deal with Barter to transverse dimensions to Druspa Tau. There, the two were able to remove their costumes, revealing their true forms, and found their abilities were heightened exponentially. They arrived as a war was brewing between M'Shulla, the Lord of Chaos, and followers of Arriya, the Lord of Order. Finding themselves on opposite sides, Hawk and Dove were forced to do battle. M'Shulla tells a captive Rome that he cast a spell long ago, and that Arriya is not the name of Druspa Tau's former Order goddess. No one knows her true name any longer, and therefore she cannot return to Druspa Tau. Just as M'Shulla is about to claim final victory, Barter tells Rome the true name of the world's Lord of Order: Terataya. Her name is spoken and a dragon wearing an amulet appears. The dragon/amulet is a combined being: Terataya, Lord of Order, and T'Charr, Lord of Chaos, and is now called the Unity. The Unity is unable to sustain the fight with M'Shulla, because it is maintaining the Hawk and Dove spell at the same time. M'Shulla deals the Unity a fatal blow and it retreats to a hidden cave.

Dove is able to use her logical powers to see how the Kestrel demon is attached to Ren, and then separate them. Hawk then absorbs the Kestrel force (as it is part of Chaos, and Hawk is one with the primal source of Chaos while on Druspa Tau), effectively annihilating it and freeing Ren. Hawk and Dove then fly off to find the Unity, leaving Ren behind. In the cave where the Unity hides, Hawk and Dove find their creators, T'Charr and Terataya, dying. The Unity explains that it created Hawk and Dove to prove to the other Lords of Chaos and Order that the two forces could work together. It did this because T'Charr and Terataya are in love and have been hunted by their respective houses ever since. However, because they are dying, Hawk and Dove must absorb the essence of their respective creators. This merging gave both Hawk and Dove enhanced powers, but it meant there would be no new Hawk or Dove if either of the current heroes died. Hawk and Dove also learned their abilities were upgraded: Dove could fly, and Hawk was stronger and bulletproof.

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