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30 Rock- Jack's Girlfriends

The following characters have (at some point during the show) been Jack's girlfriend, wife or fiancée.


Bianca (Isabella Rossellini) is Jack's ex-wife. Jack's mother disliked her from the beginning and their marriage was troubled. Bianca was introduced in season one, episode twelve. She is engaged to Vincent Foley, and in episode 13 her divorce with Jack was finalized (although they were legally separated since 1989). Jack mentioned that she was too much of a woman for him, which is why they divorced. Bianca tolerated most of Jack's affairs but is jealous of women who can actually make Jack happy. This was emphasized when Liz pretended to be Jack's fiancée and Bianca attacked her.

Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice was one of Jack's shorter-lived relationships. Rice appeared in the season-five episode "Everything Sunny All the Time Always".


Phoebe (Emily Mortimer) is an art dealer and auctioneer, who works at the Christie's branch in Rockefeller Center. She is (supposedly) English, claiming to suffer from vertigo and something called "avian bone syndrome" (which requires that no one touch her). She reintroduces herself to Liz each time they meet, and asserts that her parents were poets. Jack attracts Phoebe's attention; the two begin dating, and after Liz gave them her blessing Jack quickly asked Phoebe to marry him. She accepts, stunning Liz. Jack takes Phoebe to Paris, later discovering Phoebe is a gold digger. When Liz finds Phoebe holding hands with an older man, Phoebe tells her that he is a former lover. Liz tells her that either she will tell Jack the truth or Liz will; while arguing with Liz, Phoebe drops her British accent and reveals herself as an American. When Liz tells Jack he refuses to believe her, having been warned by Phoebe that Liz was making things up about her. When Jack's mother Colleen appears in "Hiatus", she instantly dislikes Phoebe. When Colleen visits Jack in the hospital, she discovers that Jack was not in love with Phoebe; his heart rate monitor is a polygraph. Phoebe notices, and slinks away in defeat; their wedding was subsequently canceled.

C. C.

Celeste "C. C." Cunningham (Edie Falco) is a Democratic Congresswoman from Vermont. She meets Jack at a cocktail party honoring Robert Novak, and the two end up sleeping together. Soon after, Jack discovers her identity and the fact that she is trying to sue NBC's fictitious parent company, Sheinhardt Wig, for dumping Auburn Fantasy Dye #260 into the Chickatagua River (which turned the children of Chickatagua orange). Despite Jack and C.C.'s political conflicts they decide to pursue a relationship (secretly at first), eventually revealing it in Jack's executive dining room. Due to job-related commitments (Jack lives in New York and C.C. lives in Washington, D.C.), they decide to break up. She returns in "Cooter", approving the development of a gay bomb; this gets Jack fired from his position in Washington, so he can return to 30 Rock (and repays a favor she owed him).

Elisa Pedrera

Elisa Pedrera (Salma Hayek) is a Puerto Rican nurse, who is deeply religious and places a high value on family. She was introduced as a love interest for Jack in season three, when she cared for Colleen (who had injured both hips). While nursing Colleen, Elisa begins a romantic relationship with Jack. She also cares for another patient: an elderly, wheelchair-bound man with Alzheimer's disease. Colleen hates Elisa and Jack's relationship; he accuses her of hating every woman with whom he has ever been involved. Elisa's grandmother initially dislikes Jack because he resembles an actor playing a villain on her favorite telenovela; she becomes fond of him after Jack has NBC purchase the rights to the show, and changes his doppelgänger's part to appeal to elderly women. Although Elisa and Jack had relationship problems on Valentine's Day, they made up (influenced by their love of McDonald's McFlurries). In "Larry King", Jack proposes to Elisa. She accepts, informing him that she is going to Puerto Rico and promising to call him. When she returns, Elisa and Jack begin planning their wedding; however, it is revealed that Elisa is notorious among Puerto Ricans for killing her husband after she discovered he was cheating on her. She flies into a homicidal rage when she believes Jack and Liz are having an affair; after being dissuaded she calms down, agreeing with Jack to cancel the wedding and end the relationship because she cannot control her jealousy.

Nancy Donovan

Nancy Donovan (Julianne Moore) was Jack's high-school crush, a devout Catholic with a pronounced Boston accent. She and Jack were in the same German class (where Jack was called "Klaus" and Nancy "Greta"); Nancy's voice-mail code stands for "Klaus", indicating that Nancy has feelings for him. By the time Nancy decides to divorce her husband, Jack is already involved with Avery. He dates both women, unable to decide. Nancy meets Avery and finds out she is pregnant, which Nancy tells Jack before leaving.

Avery Jessup-Donaghy

Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks) is a conservative media personality and the host of political talk-show "The Hot-Box" and commentator on CNBC. She begins their relationship with a one-night stand during season four, when Jack believes Nancy will not be divorcing her husband in the near future. He dates both simultaneously, and later chooses Avery over Nancy after being told Avery is pregnant. Of Swedish descent from Maryland, she attended Choate and Yale University. They (supposedly) marry during season five, between "Christmas Attack Zone" and "Mrs. Donaghy"; however, Avery does not know that the priest married Jack and Liz (the problem was fixed offscreen). She gave birth to Jack's daughter during "Double-Edged Sword" in Toronto (making her Canadian-American), and named her Liddy Elizabeth Donaghy (in honor of "Liddy" Dole, G. Gordon Liddy and Jack's martial-arts instructor, Lid E.). Liddy's middle name is in honor of Liz Lemon. In "Everything Sunny All the Time Always", Avery is on a trip described by Jack as "a hot-blondes-in-weird-places initiative" by NBC News in Asia. However, things do not go well; she is detained in North Korea by Kim Jong-il, and forced to participate in an unrealistic propaganda video as a Western journalist reporting how the free world is being conquered by North Korea. Despite Jack's attempts to get her back (with getting help from his ex, Condoleezza Rice) she is stranded in Korea and forcibly married to Kim Jong-un.

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