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Glenn (The Walking Dead)

Glenn is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name. In the comics, he is currently husband to Maggie and has taken the role of being a surrogate father to Sophia.

Glenn is currently one of the longest living survivors in the comics, alongside Rick, Carl, Andrea and Sophia.

Glenn is not the same age as many of the others in the central survivor group. Using ingenuity he made it out of Atlanta and reached the group on the outer limits of the city. Due to his ability to scavenge very effectively he was picked to go into the city often and find supplies. He uses MacGyver-like tactics to outsmart and kill zombies. To do this he successfully recovers guns for Jim. Not long after Shane died, Glenn starts to develop a crush on Carol although due to his shyness he did not act upon it after meeting.

He settled down in the prison with Maggie and helped the group find fuel and supplies from both the outside and the prison itself. He was later imprisoned by the Governor, which scarred him physiologically as he was beaten and then forced to hear The Governor brutally rape Michonne in the cell next to his. After his escape and return to the prison, he, out of his increasing love for Maggie, eventually proposed to her with a ring he stole off a zombie's finger. Hershel married them shortly after. Soon after their marriage, Glenn and Maggie volunteered to be part of the group who traveled to the Army Center to stop the Woodbury enemies using its fuel for their vehicles. The group was then attacked by Bruce and his friends. Glenn, distracted, allowed for Andrea to snipe Bruce and Michonne to kill the rest. He fiercely defended the Prison atop of one of the front gate sniper towers. With the group divided on what to do next, Glenn at the last minute decided to leave with Dale and Andrea in the R.V. This saved Sophia and Maggie's lives (the former had now been seeing him as a surrogate father). He, Maggie, and Sophia stayed at Hershel's Farm with Dale and Andrea.

Glenn did not like or trust Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, or Eugene Potter when they met the survivors at the farm. However, he agreed to go with them to Washington for Eugene's mission rather than stay at the farm any longer. On the road, Maggie attempted suicide by hanging herself. Glenn fought with Abraham after he said he was going to shoot her. Glenn cut her down and performed CPR. Glenn broke down in tears, and subsequently into anger at Abraham when the group realized she was still alive. Glenn's focus was no longer on scavenging or siphoning, but for caring for his new family and supporting Maggie in the deaths of her entire family. With the rest of the group, he traveled to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Glenn was suspicious of the Safe-Zone's community but adapted more rapidly than Rick. Glenn's useful skills and agility made him a suitable applicant to once again be a scavenger and a replacement for the wounded Scott. Glenn’s new job made Maggie unhappy, due to the danger he would be in and they argued which resulted in Glenn leaving the house for a bit. Rick asked Glenn, due to his loyalty, to steal back their guns and weapons, which were taken by Douglas Monroe, when they first came to the Safety-zone. Glenn made a distraction for the Community's survivors while he looked for the location of the weapons for Rick. Rick and Glenn found the armory, and Glenn snuck in. Rick distributed the weapons amongst the members of their group.


Glenn is first seen rescuing Rick from a horde of zombies in the city of Atlanta and guiding him to the location of his group. They find themselves trapped in the store initially, but manage to escape, with Glenn stealing a Dodge Challenger while the rest of the survivors get away in a truck. They meet up with the rest of the survivors at the Atlanta campsite, where he helps distribute supplies and assist others when needed. He later goes with Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog to find Merle in the city, however he ends up getting kidnapped by a nursing-home crew who try to exchange him with Rick for guns. He's let go, and soon after they return to the camp, zombies invade and kill many of the survivors. In the wake of the massacre, he assists with the dealing of the corpses and insists that the group bury their people instead of burning them like they're doing with the zombies they killed. Ultimately, he and everyone else leave the campsite and go to the CDC, where they for a brief time enjoy the luxuries it has to offer. They're on the road again however following its destruction.

In Season 2, Glenn continues to be a valuable asset to the group, helping to repair the RV and scavenging things from abandoned cars on the highway. When Carl gets shot, he and everyone else are ultimately lead to Hershel's Farm, where he sparks up a friendship with Hershel's daughter Maggie. They have sex while on a pharmacy run together, and while Maggie afterward regrets what they did, Glenn is overjoyed and continually tries to convince her that it wasn't wrong. Genuine love begins to form between the two, which leads them to consider a serious relationship. This appears to stop however, as Maggie feels frustrated and betrayed by Glenn when he doesn't keep the zombies in the barn a secret as he promised her. She forgives him soon afterward though, and they start to engage in a relationship. Before Glenn and Rick leave for town, Maggie tells Glenn she loves him. Glen leaves before saying it back. In town Glenn is wracked with embarrassment and guilt after freezing during a shootout with outsiders. He blames the inaction on his deep love for Maggie, and apparently breaks up with her. In the season two finale, when the farm is ambushed by walkers, Glenn is a big part in the killing of the walkers. When Maggie realizes how big the walkers have a effect on their farm, and is overwhelmed with emotion, Glenn instructs her to get out of the farmyard. After a brief disagreement, Maggie drives away, crying for her father, her sister and the others. Glenn takes over the steering wheel and tells Maggie that he loves her and has loved her for a while, but hasn't said. Glenn and Maggie reunite with the other survivorrs at the highway.


Misfit (Charlotte "Charlie" Gage-Radcliffe) is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. She first appeared in Birds of Prey #96 (September 2006) as a wannabe Batgirl, before taking on her own identity as Misfit. Misfit debuts as a shadowy figure, wearing a homemade variation of Barbara Gordon's classic Batgirl costume, accurate enough to be mistaken for the original article at night. She seems to have some proficiency with martial arts and Batarangs, as she's able to save a couple from muggers. The male of the rescued couple says "Batgirl is back!"

That's enough for Barbara to send Black Canary and Huntress to find the new Batgirl. With Gypsy as a lure, acting as a damsel in distress, the girl then reveals herself, and after displaying her metahuman powers of teleportation, superstrength and enhanced healing, saves Huntress from being wounded, and displaying her extensive knowledge of the Birds of Prey's activities, she teleports right behind Barbara to speak with her. Oracle, impressed by the young girl's abilities, but deterred by her young age, shows her photos of Stephanie Brown's autopsy to dissuade her from crime-fighting. The mystery girl agrees to retire her Batgirl identity, but not to abandon her heroic activities.

In fact, she simply applies some minor cosmetic changes to her costume, like a stylized (bat-like) letter M instead of the batwings, and a denim miniskirt, and renames herself Misfit. Her proficiency with her powers in this period seems enhanced, as she's now able to teleport between Metropolis and Southern California and from Oracle's headquarters in Metropolis to an unspecified location in Russia. There she aids the Birds of Prey against the Secret Six.

Her identity ceased to be a mystery when the new Spy Smasher discloses her real name and last known address to Oracle. Misfit is revealed to be the only daughter of a single mother. She lived in a slum in Metropolis, until a fire broke out. Misfit is apparently able to teleport herself and anything non-organic, but not to bring anything living with her. She was able to teleport to safety, but had to leave her mother to die. Alone and scared, Misfit used her powers to spy on the Birds of Prey, secretly admiring the group of female crimefighters. The Birds agree to act as a surrogate, if dysfunctional, family for the girl

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Mortal Kombat Characters

Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deception


Voiced by: Johanna Añonuevo (MKArmageddon)

Ashrah, a demon from the Netherrealm with the appearance of an elegant and humble woman, dressed in a white outfit with a large hat attached with a veil covering the back of her head. She was once a member of Quan Chi's Brotherhood of Shadow, which worshiped the fallen Elder God Shinnok. One day, Ashrah refuses to carry out one of Quan Chi's orders. In response, he sends her sister to kill her. While escaping in the Netherrealm, she finds a holy sword known as a "Kriss" that cleanses her spirit of evil with each kill. What she does not know is that the blade is actually the "Datusha", a mystical vampire-slaying weapon that corrupts its wielder with the false belief that they are using it to fight vampires and other demons. She searches for Noob Saibot, whom she considers to be a powerful demon, because doing so would enable her to complete her ascension. Ashrah's MK: Armageddon bio explains that, after slaying a multitude of demons in the Netherrealm, she transcends that plane of hell and emerges in an unfamiliar realm, surrounded by celestial beings. The celestial beings make her into their chosen warrior - who would ascend, becoming "an angel of light", once she uses the weapon to "consume the darkness". After submitting to their will, Ashrah is transported to Vaeternus to start slaying the vampire race, whom she sees as vile beings. She is defeated by Nitara, but then escapes to Edenia seeking Blaze's power in order to destroy Nitara and gain ascension. She also assumes that destroying Ermac would help her gain ascension, because his powers are common in the Neatherrealm even though he is a force of good. Ever since they met, Ashrah has always despised, and may be envious, of Ermac.


Dairou was once a highly respected Seidan guardsman, much like Hotaru, but he is imprisoned when he kills the man who he was led to believe murdered his family. He eventually escapes from prison during a riot caused by the resistance led by Darrius. After escaping, he no longer follows the Seiden law and becomes a mercenary. In Deceptions Konquest mode, Dairou is hired to free Shujinko from prison. In the present, he has been hired by Darrius to steal the constitution of Seido and to kill Hotaru. It is unknown if Dairou really did kill Hotaru, but both returned in Armageddon.


Darrius made his debut appearance in MK:Deception. A former Seidan Guardsman who became disillusioned with the oppressive nature of Seido, the Realm of Order, Darrius leads a resistance movement which seeks to overthrow Orderrealm's senate. He takes advantage of the strict laws of Orderrealm to manipulate individuals into joining his movement. One tactic is to have a Guardsman's (apparently Dairou) family murdered, to drive him to retaliate and be expelled from the Guard. They are then ripe for induction. During Deception, he hires fellow former guardsman Dairou to steal the Seidan government's Declaration of Order, a scroll depicting its laws.

Darrius was ranked as sixth worst Mortal Kombat character by ScrewAttack in 2011.


Havik is a cleric from Chaosrealm. Neither good or evil, his ambitions are to spread discord and he allies himself with those who can further his ends, regardless of their goals. He is a frequent troublemaker in Orderrealm, where he forms an alliance with the revolutionary Darrius, and is heralded as a hero by the populace of the Chaosrealm. He opposes the Dragon King, Onaga, who rules by diktat. Along the way, he encounters a severely wounded Kabal, who has just been defeated by the Red Dragon Mavado. Healing Kabal's injuries, Havik manages to convince Kabal to restore the former glory that the Black Dragon clan once possessed in the name of anomie. He did this in order to promote chaos in Earthrealm. Havik, along with Kabal and his new Black Dragon recruits, Kira and Kobra, ventured into Outworld. There, Havik revealed his plans: lure the heroes into a battle with Onaga, and, once the Dragon King had been defeated, take down or distract the victors of the battle long enough so that Havik could consume Onaga's heart. This would grant him Onaga's ability to resurrect the dead. Havik lures the heroes to the Dragon King as planned and thus put his schemes into motion.

Havik was originally designed as an alternate outfit for Noob Saibot, but was then given a storyline of his own.


Hotaru is a general from Seido, the Realm of Order, and devotes himself to preserving law and order at any cost. So much so that he could be described as a zealot. Hotaru is neutral (equivalent to Havik, who spreads discord and chaos) because he preserves law and order for those of a higher authority whether good, neutral or evil (most notably Onaga, the Dragon King) regardless of their intentions. He first appears halfway through Mortal Kombat: Deception Konquest mode, when Shujinko requires his help. Hotaru then ventures into Outworld to confront Shao Kahn's Tarkatan armies who are laying siege to the walled city of Lei Chen to complete the task Shujinko paid him for. When Shujinko visits him for another task, Hotaru jails him for breaking curfew. Shujinko grows old in Hotaru's jail cells for years, then is broken out by Dairou. Hotaru thinks Shujinko killed the two guards and escaped. They then battle and Shujinko emerges victorious, leaving his old friend lying on the ground. Years later, however, the forces of Hotaru were under the command of Onaga. Believing that this newly resurrected ruler would bring order to the universe, Hotaru helps Onaga's hordes in their attacks and pursues those who would stand against them, such as Sub-Zero. At the time of Deception, Hotaru has set out to bring the Lin Kuei Grandmaster to justice before Onaga. He is, however, unaware that a bounty has been placed on his head. In the past, Hotaru had served as a guardsman for Dairou while he was incarcerated. Dairou now is under contract to murder Hotaru.


In the mountains of Afghanistan, Kira disguises herself as a man, and sells weapons to terrorist organizations. During one such transaction in a cave, her gender is revealed, and she has no choice but to fight her way out. Emerging victorious, she encounters Kabal, who was waiting outside to behold the victor. He decides to reconstitute the Black Dragon, and as Kira's cold and calculated moves remind him of the Red Dragon, the organization from which the Black Dragon split. Since the Black Dragon did not have this presence, Kabal offers to make Kira his first recruit. Accepting, Kira devotes herself to her new organization. She then goes with Kabal to New York City to recruit Kobra. According to Kira's MK: Deception ending, Kabal makes her fight Kobra to the death as a test; Kira wins. However, both return in Armageddon.


Kobra is a young warrior from New York City. He's also a wanderer who wants to use his martial arts in a real fight. The thrill and excitement of fighting starts to consume him, and he starts killing opponents. Eventually, he is arrested, having no clue as to how many lives he had destroyed. Kabal and Kira had found out about him and come to induct him into the new Black Dragon syndicate. After killing the officers and escaping, Kabal takes Kira and Kobra to Outworld, where they work for Havik, the cleric of Chaos. He appears in MK:Armageddon's Konquest mode, as Taven's first combatant, protecting a bridge with Kira in the Botan Jungle that Taven needs to cross. Kira abandons Kobra as he starts battling the newcomer, eventually escaping after he fails to stop him. According to Kira's MK: Deception ending, Kabal makes Kira fight Kobra to the death as a test; Kira wins. Kobra somehow returns in Armageddon.

Kobra ("generic white guy") was ranked as fifth worst Mortal Kombat character by ScrewAttack in 2011.


Monster was originally set as Scorpion's "knight costume" but, Ed Boon felt that it wouldn't fit with Scorpion's character. So they made Monster a character all his own with although he wasn't playable he spoke to Shujinko of the true Champion of the Elder Gods.


A millennium ago, Onaga, also known as The Dragon King, was the ruler of Outworld. Shao Kahn, one of his chief advisors, had him poisoned and took control of Outworld. Onaga actually was able to retain consciousness from beyond the grave. Quite some time before Liu Kang's victory over Shang Tsung at the Mortal Kombat tournament, Onaga communicated through death to Shujinko through an avatar named Damashi (which translates as "Deceiver" or "Deception"). He persuaded Shujinko to embark on a quest to unite the Kamidogu from the six realms, claiming he was carrying out the will of the Elder Gods. When the dragon egg hatches, the egg transfers its energy into Reptile, which fulfills the prophecy of Onaga's return. The Dragon King, as such, uses the transformed body of Reptile as a host. After defeating Quan Chi, Shang Tsung and Raiden, Onaga revives the Earth warriors as his pawns. He forms an alliance with the Tarkatan horde to keep Edenia's army at bay while he searches for the spells that would allow him to fuse the Kamidogu together and grant him supreme power. However, Shujinko defeats Onaga, leaving Onaga with only Shinnok's amulet as his sole form of protection. Then Nightwolf seals Onaga's soul within the realm, separating it from Reptile's body. Some time later, Onaga is approached by Shinnok in the Netherrealm. Shinnok offers to restore Onaga's rule over Outworld if Onaga helps Daegon defeat Blaze and gain godlike power. He is released from his bondage and returned to his own body. In MK: Armageddon Konquest mode, he is seen joining an alliance with Quan Chi, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn for their plans to destroy Blaze that took place in Edenia.


Voiced by: Max Crawford (MK:D, MK:A)

As a young teenager in Konquest mode of Mortal Kombat: Deception, Shujinko is trained by Master Bo' Rai Cho in the art of Kombat. Soon, Shujinko encounters Damashi, who claims to be an emissary of the Elder Gods and tells Shujinko to embark on a quest searching for a Kamidogu from each of six realms. To enable Shujinko to do his bidding, Damashi gives him the ability to absorb fighting styles and special attack patterns of warriors he encounters with great ease. Shujinko's mission takes him more than forty years to complete. Afterward, Damashi reveals himself to be none other than the Dragon King, Onaga, speaking to Shujinko from beyond death. For this, Shujinko assumes full responsibility, and embarks on a desperate quest to destroy Onaga, believing himself the only warrior capable of doing so. After defeating Onaga, Shujinko becomes known as the hero of Outworld. Some time later, Shujinko deliberately allows himself to be captured by Mileena to get closer to Shao Kahn, Onaga, Shang Tsung, and Quan Chi, whom he plans to defeat. Shujinko also appears in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon as a much older figure.

Shujinko was ranked as eight worst Mortal Kombat character by ScrewAttack in 2011.

Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


The main antagonist of MK: Armageddon Konquest mode, Edenian half-god Daegon is the evil younger brother of Taven, and the second son of the Edenian protector god Argus and the prophet Delia. When Delia foretold the future of the realms as Armageddon, Argus had his sons put into incubation guarded by two dragons. They would be awakened one day to fight Blaze and save the realms from Armageddon. Daegon awoke prematurely due to an error by his guardian dragon. Daegon became unbalanced by the early awakening, and killed his parents after learning the true nature of the quest, forming the Red Dragon Clan. The quest required that both brothers accept a weapon from their father (the Drakeswords) and their armor from their mother. Taven and Daegon eventually reach Edenia, where Daegon is defeated and killed in battle, allowing Taven to fight Blaze.


Taven made his first appearance in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon as the game's hero. He is an Edenian half-god and the first son of Argus, the Protector of Edenia, and Delia, a powerful sorceress who has the ability to see into the future. Taven's ability is mainly to control fire, much like his younger brother Daegon. Taven is featured as the main character in Armageddon's Konquest mode. The Konquest Mode revolves around a contest between Taven and his brother Daegon set by their father to save the realms from Armageddon by defeating a creature named Blaze. They are sent to Earthrealm and are kept in incubation by two dragons, until Blaze calls for them to be awakened and the quest to begin. The victor would succeed his father's place, becoming a full god and Protector of Edenia. When Taven is released by his dragon, he finds that Daegon had been awakened centuries ago, killed their parents and formed the Red Dragon clan, in order to locate Blaze sooner, as well as to eliminate Taven. Eventually, Taven defeats Daegon in battle and confronts Blaze. After defeating Blaze, Blaze's powers surged through Taven and he became a full god. In the end, however, because Blaze's design has been corrupted by Onaga's holy men, his victory over Blaze resulted in none of the fighters dying or losing their powers, but instead increasing the powers of the combatants, potentially "exacerbating" the onset of Armageddon. As a result, Taven made it his duty as a new god to delay Armageddon until a solution could be found.

Dale Horvath

Dale Horvath is fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name. The character's death in the latter half of the second season of the show marks a significant departure from the comics, where Dale lasted much longer.

Dale is first introduced as one of the survivors located in the camp that Lori and Carl Grimes are staying which is located on the outskirts of Atlanta, and is also the owner of the camp RV. Dale at first seems pleasant but reveals to Rick that he is suspicious of Shane, and he suspects that something is going on between Lori and Shane, which Rick ignores, under the impression that Dale is just being superstitious. Later he saves Donna from being bitten by a roamer, beheading the Zombie, and revealing that even beheading a Zombie does not fully kill them. Later one night during dinner, Rick proceeds to ask the group about their lives, to which Dale reveals that he was a car salesman who retired and set out with his wife across America for two years prior to the Zombie outbreak which resulted in the death of his wife. It was during his trip to Atlanta for safety that he picked up the twins Andrea and Amy. The discussion is interrupted when zombies attack the camp, which results in the death of Amy. Andrea went into grieving for her sister and Dale comforted her. After Shane’s death, Dale reveals that he knew all along that something was up, and that he was one of the few prior to Rick's arrival that wanted to relocate. Shane refused and Dale only followed due to Shane being "the law." After burying Shane, the survivors set off in Dale’s RV away from Atlanta in an attempt to find somewhere safe. On the way they run across Tyreese and his family while trying to move a car off the road for the RV to pass, the next night Lori reveals to the camp that she is pregnant, which alarms Dale, who suspects the child may be Shane’s, only to be quietened by Rick who suspects the same, but doesn’t want to think that way at that moment. After this they once again set off and end up at an estate that appears to be secure and safe, that same night Donna stumbles upon Dale and Andrea having sex.

The survivors remain on the move until Carl is accidentally shot by Otis, and they end up on Hershel’s farm, under the impression they are able to stay there for as long as possible. During their stay Dale attempts to convince Andrea that he has accepted his wife's death and wants to devote his time to her from here on out. After being forced off the farm, Dale and Andrea discover a prison.

Once the survivors reach the prison, Dale is assigned to various tasks, from patrolling the area to working on repairing the fences. After the apprehension of Dexter, who is suspected of murdering Susie and Rachel Greene, Dale begins to think that Andrea will not love him due to his age; however Andrea reassures him that she will always want to be with him. Dale patches up both Andrea and Rick after minor incidents, reassuring Andrea that even if she is scared, she will look pretty. Later Dale begins to fear that someone else might discover the prison, and try to take it from them, and begins to contemplate whether to stay, or leave, with Andrea stating that she would go where he goes. Dale begins to swap his old camper outfit for prison overalls like the other survivors, and assists Rick in searching blocks, and discovers the prison generator. Dale later begins to watch over everybody, including Allen’s children Ben and Billy while their father is in a coma. After witnessing various dramatic situations unfold within the group, Dale forms a committee of leadership with Tyreese and Hershel, as they disempower Rick, Dale and Andrea eventually become adopted parents of Donna and Allen’s orphaned children, Billy and Ben.

It is during this time that Lori goes into labor, and to keep the generator going, Dale along with Billy Greene set out into the car park in order to refuel the generator, however it is during this that Dale is bitten by a Zombie, and is only narrowly rescued by the arrival of the raid party who quickly take Dale back into the prison in order to have his leg amputated so that he does not turn. Thankfully the leg is amputated correctly and Dale is saved, however as a result, loses his right leg. As peace and stability return to the prison Dale begins to suspect that Andrea is falling for Tyreese due to his youthful age and the ability to use his right leg. His missing leg is replaced by a wooden peg. thanks to Andrea and Tyreese, and after asking Tyreese to leave them be, informs Andrea she doesn’t need to be with Dale anymore and that she may be with Tyreese, in which she replies and ensures Dale that she will always love him. Later that day the peace ends with the arrival of the Governor, and the townsmen of Woodbury. Dale and Andrea swore to protect the twins, no matter what. During the attack Dale nurses a wounded Andrea and makes the decision to temporarily move out of the prison in order to protect Billy and Ben, while being accompanied by Glenn and Maggie.

Dale, Andrea, Maggie, Glenn, Andrea, Sophia and the twins Billy and Ben relocate to Hershel’s farm, where Dale intends to stay for the rest of his life in peace. His distrust of Rick is at its peak. The arrival of three strangers, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, prompts him to follow them in hope of reaching Washington DC. Unfortunately, tragedy struck once again when Ben murders Billy and Carl shoots Ben in retaliation. Distracted by the pain, Dale left his guard down during a zombie attack and was bitten. He hid his wound to protect Andrea from further pain. When the night came, he left the van and disappeared into the forest, being abducted by the mysterious Hunters. When Dale woke up, Chris introduced himself and told Dale that they were eating him piece by piece. However, Dale would have the last laugh, as was already infected and hoped to spread the disease to the Hunters. Furious, the Hunters beat him up and tried to induce vomiting. They then left his unconscious body in front of Gabriel's church to use him as a bait. Dale was carried into the church by the other survivors, where he eventually died. Andrea shot him in the head to prevent him from turning. The survivors later burned his corpse in front of the church.

Kate Spencer

Manhunter is a fictional character, a superheroine in publications from DC Comics. Kate Spencer is the eighth DC Comics character depicted using the name Manhunter, and the first female to do so. The character first appears in Manhunter (vol. 3) #1 (October 2004) and was promoted by DC Comics as relevant to the popular Identity Crisis limited series.

Despite critical success, the first series has repeatedly had trouble gaining larger readership. DC Comics announced in May 2006 that the series would be canceled and that issue #25 would be the last. Dan DiDio, DC's executive editor, soon followed with another announcement, that fan outcry convinced him to extend the series for five additional issues in order to improve sales. The new five-issue story arc dealt with a ramification of the Infinite Crisis, again tying the series into a popular event. DiDio also said that the storyline leads into another big event in the DC Universe. The series came back with issue #31 in 2007, but was cancelled with issue #38 in 2008.

She had a 10 page co-feature in Batman: Streets of Gotham which began in June 2009, and ended in issue #13, and was replaced with a Two-Face co-feature. A planned collection of the back-up series was cancelled by DC.

In addition to her solo features, writer Gail Simone made Manhunter into one of lead characters in her Birds of Prey series as part of a controversial revamp in issue #100, where Kate was brought in to serve as a replacement for Black Canary. Manhunter remained with the team until the book's cancellation with issue #127 in 2009, and was not part of the subsequent 2010 relaunch. Writer Marc Guggenheim has announced that in 2011, Manhunter will begin appearing in his Justice Society of America series.

Kate Spencer is a federal prosecutor who grows increasingly tired of seeing guilty criminals evade punishment. Copperhead, a criminal on trial for multiple murders and cannibalism, avoids a death sentence and escapes from custody after killing two guards. Angry, Kate steals equipment from an evidence room and kills Copperhead. Calling herself Manhunter, Kate blackmails a former weapons manufacturer for numerous villains named Dylan Battles — who is in the Witness Protection Program — into building, maintaining, and upgrading her armor, weapons, and gadgets.

In addition to legal proceedings and fighting crime, Kate's life includes awkward relationships with her six-year-old son Ramsey and novelist ex-husband. Kate's secret life as Manhunter cuts into her career and family life, but her co-counsel Damon Matthews covers for her. Kate's father Walter Pratt spent time in prison for murdering her mother, and she comes to believe that her grandfather is superhero Al Pratt, the original Atom, a member of the Justice Society of America.

Through her friendship with Department of Extranormal Operations Agent Cameron Chase, Kate works for the DEO under the direction of Mr. Bones. During the Infinite Crisis, Oracle calls Kate, along with a number of low-powered heroes to join the Battle of Metropolis, and she was invited to join the Birds of Prey after founding member Black Canary left to join the Justice League.

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Andrea (The Walking Dead)

Andrea is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name. She is currently one of the longest living survivors in the comic book series, alongside Rick, Carl, Glenn and Sophia.

Andrea is introduced in issue two of The Walking Dead as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. She and her younger sister Amy were picked up by fellow survivor Dale Horvath, and set up camp together on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, where they were soon joined by others. The group learn to handle guns, and Andrea discovers that she is an excellent marksman. When zombies invade the camp, Amy is bitten. A distraught Andrea shoots her sister to ensure that she does not return as a zombie. The group move on, first to a gated community where Andrea and Dale begin a relationship, then a farm, before discovering a prison compound. One of the remaining inmates attacks Andrea, intent on beheading her. She manages to escape, but her earlobe is partially severed and she receives a facial scar. Dale and Andrea discuss the possibility of leaving the group, but ultimately stay. They become surrogate parents to twins Billy and Ben when their father Allen is bitten by a zombie and dies.

The prison's existence is discovered by The Governor – the leader of Woodbury, a nearby town of survivors. Andrea teaches other group members to shoot to prepare them to defend the prison, and travels with several others to a nearby army base to increase their arsenal of weapons. Upon their return, Andrea discovers that Dale has been bitten on the calf by a zombie. She hurries him to the infirmary, where Rick Grimes, the groups' leader, cuts off his leg to save his life. Dale is jealous when Andrea begins spending increased amounts of time with group member Tyreese, until she reveals that he was helping her make a wooden leg and crutches for him. When The Governor launches an attack on the prison, Andrea serves as a sniper and kills many of their attackers, though she is grazed by a bullet and receives a second facial scar. The Woodbury group retreat, and Dale convinces Andrea to leave the prison with him and the twins. When the prison is attacked for a second time, Andrea returns alone and again kills a number of the Woodbury group.

The prison survivors reunite back at the farm, where they meet a new group and decide to travel with them to Washington D.C.. En-route, Dale attempts to convince Andrea to again break from the group, and start a new life with Billy and Ben in an abandoned farmhouse. Andrea displays reluctance, and the suggestion becomes moot with the arrival of a herd of zombies. While on the road again, Ben murders Billy, seemingly unaware of the gravity of his actions. The group discuss killing him, and Dale suggests that the three of them leave together, but that night, Ben is shot by Rick's son Carl. Andrea is distraught, even more so when Dale disappears. She admits to Rick that she fears Dale never knew of her genuine love for him. Dale is later returned to the group missing his second leg, which has been eaten by cannibals. He reveals that he is dying, as he had been bitten by a zombie and left during the night to spare Andrea the pain of his death. She, Rick, Michonne and Abraham hunt down and murder the cannibals. She tells Dale how much she loves him, and is with him when he dies. As with Amy, she shoots him to stop him from turning into a zombie.

On the outskirts of Washington, the group are recruited by a scout for a nearby safe zone, Alexandria. Andrea becomes the town's look-out. Although she is pessimistic as to how long their safety will last, she attempts to discourage Rick from challenging the safe zone's hierarchy. She rebuffs the romantic advances of the zone's leader, Douglas, and while she later shares a series of flirtation with his son Spencer that culminates in them almost kissing, she terminates their fledgling relationship when he suggests they abandon the zone while the other inhabitants are under attack from zombies.

Andrea gradually begins to develop feelings for Rick. They share a kiss, but he rebuffs her, with the explanation that everyone he cares about dies, and he does not want to lose her. She attempts to convince him that their shared experiences make them uniquely compatible, and insists on joining him in his journey to a neighboring safe zone, to demonstrate that he need not worry about her safety

Dawn Granger

In 1988, a new Hawk and Dove mini-series written by Karl and Barbara Kesel reintroduced Hawk and Dove. This series introduced a woman named Dawn Granger as the second Dove. The new Dove mysteriously received her powers while attempting to save her mother from terrorists. At the end of the mini-series, it was revealed that Dawn received her powers the moment Don had been stripped of them. This Dove, while considerably more aggressive and self-confident than Don, also has greater-than-average strength and dexterity, faster-than-human speed, and expanded mental capabilities. Dove fights mostly defensively, preferring to out-think and remain in control of her opponent. Like Hawk, she also heals incredibly quickly and cannot revert to Dawn if her wounds or some other condition would be fatal to Dawn. It was later revealed that Hawk and Dove become beings that are direct conduits of the respective planes of Chaos and Order.

Set in Washington, D.C. (where the duo attended Georgetown University), the series introduced several supporting characters, including Hank's girlfriend, Ren Takamori, and friends Kyle Spenser and Donna Cabot. They also worked with police Captain Brian "Sal" Arsala, who would develop a mutual admiration with Dawn. It also introduced Kestrel, an evil spell created by M'Shulla, and Barter, owner of Barter Trading: Exotic Goods and Services.

In issues #14-17 of the ongoing series, Kestrel, in the body of Ren Takamori, lured Hawk and Dove to the mystical land of Druspa Tau — also home to the Lords of Chaos and Order. Hawk and Dove cut a deal with Barter to transverse dimensions to Druspa Tau. There, the two were able to remove their costumes, revealing their true forms, and found their abilities were heightened exponentially. They arrived as a war was brewing between M'Shulla, the Lord of Chaos, and followers of Arriya, the Lord of Order. Finding themselves on opposite sides, Hawk and Dove were forced to do battle. M'Shulla tells a captive Rome that he cast a spell long ago, and that Arriya is not the name of Druspa Tau's former Order goddess. No one knows her true name any longer, and therefore she cannot return to Druspa Tau. Just as M'Shulla is about to claim final victory, Barter tells Rome the true name of the world's Lord of Order: Terataya. Her name is spoken and a dragon wearing an amulet appears. The dragon/amulet is a combined being: Terataya, Lord of Order, and T'Charr, Lord of Chaos, and is now called the Unity. The Unity is unable to sustain the fight with M'Shulla, because it is maintaining the Hawk and Dove spell at the same time. M'Shulla deals the Unity a fatal blow and it retreats to a hidden cave.

Dove is able to use her logical powers to see how the Kestrel demon is attached to Ren, and then separate them. Hawk then absorbs the Kestrel force (as it is part of Chaos, and Hawk is one with the primal source of Chaos while on Druspa Tau), effectively annihilating it and freeing Ren. Hawk and Dove then fly off to find the Unity, leaving Ren behind. In the cave where the Unity hides, Hawk and Dove find their creators, T'Charr and Terataya, dying. The Unity explains that it created Hawk and Dove to prove to the other Lords of Chaos and Order that the two forces could work together. It did this because T'Charr and Terataya are in love and have been hunted by their respective houses ever since. However, because they are dying, Hawk and Dove must absorb the essence of their respective creators. This merging gave both Hawk and Dove enhanced powers, but it meant there would be no new Hawk or Dove if either of the current heroes died. Hawk and Dove also learned their abilities were upgraded: Dove could fly, and Hawk was stronger and bulletproof.

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Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name.

Lori Grimes was displayed as an average middle class housewife living in Cynthiana, Kentucky. As the outbreak began, she and Carl were evacuated out of the city with help from Rick's partner and best friend Shane Walsh, in hopes of getting to where her parents lived. During the evacuation, the guilt that she had been wracked with over abandoning Rick led her to have a one night stand with Shane, which she deeply regretted afterward. She continually brushed off Shane's attempts at advances and ignored him even more when Rick miraculously arrived at their campsite.

She soon found out, after counting her missed periods, that she was pregnant, however she hesitated to tell anybody until after Shane's death and their move back onto the road.

She faced things such as morning sickness and mood swings throughout the first few months of her pregnancy. She and everyone else found relative stability at an abandoned prison, with hot showers, supplies, and security. While at the prison, she also began to deepen her bond with fellow survivor Carol Peletier. She was frequently concerned with the well-being of both her family and the rest of the group. After giving birth to an infant girl that she and Rick named Judith, she remained extremely protective over her.

During the final stages of the prison assault led by The Governor, she suffered a fatal shotgun blast to the back, and crushed Judith with her weight.

After Rick is gunned down and wounded in the line of duty, and left in a coma, the zombie apocalypse occurs. Believing Rick to be dead, Lori, along with Carl, goes with Shane towards Atlanta, counting on him to keep her son safe. Lori later settles with the other survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta – extremely compassionate and empathetic Lori is the emotional center of the survivor group. With their entire world in chaos, Lori will cling to her humanity and fight to maintain their decency and rituals, offering comfort to everyone as they face their individual tragedies. First and foremost, she is a fiercely protective mother, desperate to keep her son safe and extremely wary of anyone she doesn't trust getting too close to him. Lori, having been told Rick was dead by Shane, eventually succumbed to her growing feelings and embarked on a passionate sexual relationship with Shane (without Carl’s knowledge). Lori was shell-shocked when Rick returned with the scavenger group alive and well, and later confronted Shane, believing he lied (though in truth he didn’t) and ends their affair. Shane takes this badly and is increasing bitter about it – he clearly still lusts for Lori and, at the CDC where he almost rapes her, Shane expresses his belief Lori loves him. In Season 2, Lori and Shane have a short discussion over what has happened, both at the CDC and before during the crisis, and it is implied that, while Lori is with Rick, she is also drawn to Shane. Lori discovers shortly afterwards she is pregnant with what may be Shane's baby, a discovery that terrifies her. After accepting the situation, Lori admits both her condition and her previous affair to Rick, the former of which he accepts, despite the baby almost certainly being Shane's, while also revealing he had always known about the latter. Shane, upon learning of this from Rick, confronted Lori about it, believing the baby is his - Lori, ultimately, admits this is almost certainly true, but, Lori makes it clear that while the baby would biologically be his, it would be raised by Lori and Rick, without Shane. When Shane is killed (first by Rick, then by Carl), and the farmhouse is ambushed with a large horde of walkers, Lori briefly helps killing them but she spent time looking for Carl, which, unbeknown to her, was with Rick. Lori pulled Beth away when Patricia was caught by the walkers, and the two girls drove over safely with T-Dog. Reunited again, Rick reveals that Shane did not make it, but he does not mention that he was the one to murder him. When Rick's car starts to run low on fuel, the survivors stop and have no choice but to camp for the night. This is where Rick reveals that Jenner told him that, whatever the disease is, they all carry it and even if they don't get bit or scratched by a walker, when they die they will turn into walkers. (Thus explains Randall's and Shane's transformation.) When Rick walks away, Lori, at first, comforts him until he reveals he killed Shane, then she breaks down. She's so disgusted at Rick's actions that she won't even let him touch her, and it is then that it dawns on her how much she cared for Shane.

Hank Hall

Hank Hall is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe who first appeared in Showcase #75 as Hawk of Hawk and Dove. He later became the supervillain Monarch in the crossover event limited series Armageddon 2001. He later became known as Extant, and appeared in the Zero Hour limited series (as well as some related tie-ins). Eventually, the timelines that led to Hawk's transformation first into Monarch and then Extant were erased. Hawk was restored, and in the final issue of Blackest Night, he was finally returned to life.

Hank Hall was originally the superhero Hawk, of Hawk and Dove. Hawk represented "chaos", while Dove represented "order". His brother, Don Hall, the original Dove, died during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Don was replaced with Dawn Granger, who mysteriously acquired her powers in London.

In response to fan-criticism of Armageddon 2001, many of whose readers felt that the character of Hawk had been severely misused in the story's last-minute changes , DC Comics set about restoring the character as he had originally been intended; a hero. DC had already retconned Extant's portion of Hank Hall's timeline in issue 14 of JSA, dated September 2000, in which Metron announced his intention to erase the villain's "wretched timeline" with his Mobius Chair. This was the second issue of a 3-part story entitled The Hunt for Extant!. After this, DC also retconned Monarch's portion of Hall's timeline with the final issue of the 6-part miniseries The Battle for Blüdhaven, dated September 2006, which now depicted Captain Atom's transformation into Monarch, as had been DC's original intention back in 1991. Hawk was restored, but he would not be revived until the final issue of Blackest Night.

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Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the American television series of the same name. In the comic series, Shane is portrayed as a Cynthiana Sheriff's Deputy, as well as the longtime friend and fellow police officer of series protagonist Rick Grimes. After Rick is shot and put into a coma, and the zombie outbreak occurs, he rescues Rick's family and leads a group of survivors, becoming romantically involved with Rick's wife Lori. When Rick returns to his family alive, Shane grows increasingly jealous of their relationship, as well as Rick's increasing leadership over the group, resulting in him confronting Rick and is eventually killed by Rick's son Carl. After the group realizes that the dead can reanimate without being bitten or scratched, Rick returns weeks after, digs up Shane's burial site and kills Shane as a walker.

Shane is portrayed in the television series by Jon Bernthal as the primary deuteragonist of the show. Shane is initially shown as a secondary protagonist in the first season, assisting Rick in his decisions; however in the second season, he had developed into the show's primary antagonist, becoming more aggressive and unpredictable in his envy over Rick's leadership and relationship with Lori. Shane is later killed by Rick and Carl when he turns against Rick.

Shane was a small-town police officer and best friend of Rick. After Rick is shot and put into a coma, and the dead begin to rise, Shane accompanies Lori and Carl to where Lori's parents were living. They later formed a group of survivors living on the outskirts of Atlanta, with Shane repeatedly preaching the government would one day return to save them. Shane was initially overjoyed when Rick joined the group, but gradually became jealous of Rick and Lori getting back together. This was because, while on the way to Atlanta, Shane became closer to Lori, who had grown emotionally-upset and desperate after "abandoning" the comatose Rick at the hospital. Eventually, Lori was so desperate for closeness, she had a passionate night of sex with Shane on the highway to Atlanta, something Shane wanted for a long time. Eventually, Lori brushed off Shane's advances and said their romance had to stop. Sent into an emotional meltdown by Lori siding with Rick, Shane lured Rick into the nearby woods to shoot him dead, only to be shot by Carl, dying seconds later from choking on his own blood. Shane's body is then buried in a makeshift grave, marked by a cross of twigs. Rick later returns to the grave site and shoots the reanimated Shane in the head.


Shane is portrayed in the television series as a local sheriff's deputy in King County, Georgia, and is Rick’s partner, as well as his best friend since high school. Shane was wracked with grief of Rick being severely wounded in a firefight with escaped convicts, and took it upon himself to try and rescue him as the outbreak started, attempting to avoid military personnel who were shooting innocent people in the halls. He is tortured by his responsibility in leaving him in the hospital, but also knows he never would have been able to save Lori and Carl if he hadn't left Rick. Shane harbored feelings for Lori, and the two began a sexual relationship after Shane tells Lori (and Lori tells Carl) that Rick is dead. Among the group of survivors he formed on the outskirts of the city, Shane initially became the de facto leader, a position he enjoyed.

Shane was shocked when he found Rick alive and well among the returning scavenger group, and Lori, blaming Shane and feeling he lied to her about her husband’s supposed "death" in order to seduce and have sex with her, ends their affair. At the same time, Shane finds his leadership within the group challenged by Rick – this gradually pushes him over the edge, and he begins losing both his temper and control with increasing regularity, making him reckless, erratic and dangerous to everyone around him. This is demonstrated as Shane momentarily appeared poised to shoot Rick in the back (witnessed secretly by Dale), and later at the CDC, when he gets drunk and nearly rapes Lori, believing she secretly loves him.

In Season 2, Lori and Shane have a short discussion over what has happened, both at the CDC and before during the crisis. Shane reveals to Lori that he plans to leave the group, however opts not to once Carl gets shot by a man named Otis, who leads them to his employer's farm. Lori is later revealed to be pregnant, with what may be Shane's baby. Shane later learns of this from Rick, and later confronts Lori about it, believing the baby is his. Lori, ultimately, admits this is almost certainly true, but makes it clear that while the baby would biologically be his, it would be raised by her and Rick only.

Shane becomes the primary antagonist as of the middle of Season 2, and is highly unpredictable and short-tempered. Shane bears responsibility for the death of Otis, for he shot him on purpose and left him to die, and he shows life-threatening behavior towards Dale, and is focused on discrediting Rick during his manipulative interactions with Lori. He is hinting at back-stabbing Rick when the time is right, presumably with the hope of reigniting a relationship with Lori and to resume leadership over the group. Shane later plots to kill Rick, by separating him from the group. He releases their prisoner (Randall) and leads him into the woods, where he breaks Randall's neck and injures himself, to make it appear that Randall escaped.

Shane and Rick search for Randall in the woods, with Rick unaware that Shane intends to kill him. Rick later realizes he had fallen for Shane's trap and attempts to talk Shane out of shooting him. As Shane lets his guard down from Rick's heartfelt speech, Rick inches closer to Shane and stabs him in the heart. Carl, Rick's son, from afar, sees his father hovering over Shane's body. As Rick walks towards Carl attempting to give an explanation, Carl raises his gun. Shane then rises as a Walker and advances toward Rick from behind. Carl then shoots the reanimated Shane in the head and kills him. Shane was never bitten or scratched by a Walker before his death.

In the season finale it is revealed that Rick was not as oblivious as first thought. Rick - knowing early on Shane's intentions - played along with Shane's ploy; remorselessly claiming 'he wanted Shane dead.'

Sonia Sato

A female Judomaster, Sonia Sato, appears in Birds of Prey #100 (2007), along with Big Barda and Manhunter who are all recruited by Oracle to break into a Mexican prison. In keeping with the theme of the Birds of Prey group, this Judomaster—unlike the others—is female, which means that a more precise, if not correct name would be "Judomistress" considering the fact that the term "master" is normally limited to men.

In 2008, Sonia returned in Justice Society of America #11 the issue in which her name, origin and powers were revealed. Sonia's metahuman talent allows her to project an "aversion field" which prevents her from being hit by attacks specifically aimed at her. This does not include attacks that have no aim, such as random projectiles and explosions. With the help of the JSA, she stops Yakuza assassins led by Tiger. In her earlier Birds of Prey appearance, Sonia Sato is shown having an above-average mastery of English, allowing her to communicate effortlessy. During her JSA tenure she's shown as unable to speak English, learning only with great difficulties to master a stilted, somewhat impaired command on the language. She is shown in a relationship with Damage, kissing him even after his temporarily healed face was reverted to his heavily scarred one

Sonia's romance with Damage is tragically cut short when he is killed by the reanimated Jean Loring during Blackest Night. Now part of Magog's All-Star JSA squadron, Sonia assists her teammates in repelling the Black Lantern invasion of Manhattan. Sonia and Damage's older brother Atom Smasher search the city for survivors, only to stumble upon Damage, now a member of the Black Lantern Corps, tearing the heart out of a police officer.

After the end of the Blackest Night a greatly distraught and grieving Judomaster plans to revert to her earlier plan of vengeance against Tiger, her father's killer, feeling that without Damage's love she has nothing else to anchor to a happier life. However, she's stopped by King Chimera, who relays her the missing half of Damage's last message to her, recorded before the Blackest Night, in which Grant shares with Sonia his wish to have corrective surgery on his face and build a simpler, happier life with her, wishing Sonia, in the event of his death, a better life. Thus King Chimera is able to convince Sonia to enact Grant's last wishes by leaving Tiger alive (albeit with a severe beating). Furthermore, Sonia decides to improve her English (reasoning that only Damage was kind enough to bear her stilted, slow grasp of language), and after giving her lover a tearful eulogy, she begins to finance several relief funds for the people Damage has unwillingly hurt in the years, attempting to give him closure, using money she "requisitioned" from Tiger before having him incarcerated

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Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is a fictional character of the black-and-white comic book series The Walking Dead and its television adaption of the same name. The character is portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. The primary protagonist of the series, Grimes is a police officer who originally wakes up from a coma after being shot during a shootout. With his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs) no where in sight, Grimes travels to Atlanta, Georgia which is cited as a haven due to its proximity to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Grimes is successful at locating his family, and he later becomes the de facto leader of a group of survivors.

Rick Grimes is decisive and peculiar character who emphasizes moral codes and values. Lincoln obtained the role in April 2010, to which Kirkman felt was an "amazing find". In preparation for the role, Lincoln sought inspiration from Gary Cooper in his work in the American western film High Noon (1952) in portraying the character, as well as the television drama series Breaking Bad. Initial response to Rick Grimes in the television show were mixed, as commentators pointed out that Lincoln's delivery was spotty. As the series progressed, critics became more positive to the character development of Grimes, as well as Lincoln's portrayal of the character.

Kendra Saunders

Kendra Saunders was a young woman who committed suicide. When Kendra's soul left her body, that of her grandfather's first cousin Shiera Hall, the Golden Age Hawkgirl entered it, making Kendra a walk-in. Her grandfather, former OSS agent and globe-trotting adventurer Speed Saunders, recognized this, in part due to a change in eye color, and encouraged his granddaughter to embrace her destiny as the "new" Hawkgirl.

Kendra had a daughter named Mia, who is said to be deceased.

Still believing herself to be Kendra, she debuted as a hero using the original Hawkgirl's equipment and set out in search of a being called the Fate-Child (actually her own reincarnated son, Hector Hall). This led to a meeting with the Justice Society and Kendra's induction to that team.

She currently has all of Kendra's memories, but almost none of Shiera's save for fighting experiences. This creates tension with Hawkman since he remembers all of their past lives together and believes they are destined for each other. Kendra has been presented as a very troubled young woman, haunted by the murder of her parents by a corrupt cop and confused by her jumble of memories and feelings. She has operated as Hawkman's partner but only recently began to actually admit her attraction to him. The truth about Kendra's identity was eventually revealed to her by the angel Zauriel.

She is one of the heroes who fought in space during the Rann-Thanagar War. Following the events of Infinite Crisis, a Zeta Beam transporter malfunction injured many of the superheroes in space, including Hawkgirl, causing her to grow over twenty feet tall. Some time later, her proper stature restored, she is protecting St. Roch, Louisiana, in the absence of Hawkman. She was later abducted and put on trial for high treason against her people by a group of rogue Thanagarians. After being found guilty, one of the rogues tied her hands behind her back and covered her mouth with a piece of duct tape, and then attempted to lynch her. Kendra found that she could hover without her wings and was able to fake her death and escape by using this new power.

She is also a returning member of the new Justice League, having briefly served with the team when the original members were previously missing. A brewing relationship between Hawkgirl and Red Arrow become one of the major subplots in the series though it appears to have ended. Hawkgirl is now 100% Kendra Saunders. Shiera Sanders' soul left Kendra's body and moved on to the afterlife. Shiera hopes her passing on will finally remove the curse of Hath-Set.

Hawkgirl owes her powers to a belt of Nth metal, a substance native to the planet Thanagar (once home of another pair of Hawk-heroes, Katar Hol and Hawkwoman). The metal is psycho-reactive, responding to its bearer's thoughts and in its base form has a number of electromagnetic/gravitational properties. To the Hawks, it grants the power of flight, superhuman strength, super-acute vision, and an enhanced healing/regeneration ability.

Additionally, she displays advanced hand-to-hand combat skills. Like Hawkman, she retains the knowledge of several lifetimes worth of fighting. Her preferred weapons are a spear or mace, but she has also been depicted using swords, axes, warhammers, shields, and other melee weapons. She possesses shooting skills from her times as the gunfighter, Cinnamon.

In addition, the Nth metal knife which murdered Hawkgirl in her original incarnation as Chay-Ara had an unusual effect upon her soul and that of her lover Khufu (Hawkman). The pair are locked in a seemingly endless cycle of death and rebirth throughout the centuries. While not a superhuman power per se, this propensity for reincarnation has allowed Hawkgirl to cheat death and return to active duty in her current incarnation.

Recently, Kendra has discovered that she had enhanced healing and limited hover abilities when not wearing Nth metal. She speculates that this is due to her prolonged exposure to the substance. It remains to be seen if she still possesses these abilities now that she is Shiera Hall once again.

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Sam "Mayday" Malone

Sam "Mayday" Malone is a fictional character on the American television show Cheers, portrayed by Ted Danson. The central character of the series, Sam is a former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball team and an owner and a bartender of Cheers. He is a recovering alcoholic and notorious lothario. Although his celebrity status was short-lived, Sam retains that standing within the confines of Cheers, where he is beloved by the regular patrons. Notoriously, he has an on- and off-relationship with Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) in 1982–1987 and the series finale in 1993, "One for the Road."

Sam appeared in all 275 episodes of Cheers between 1982–1993. He also made a guest appearance in the Frasier episode "The Show Where Sam Shows Up".

Before the series began in September 1982, Ted Danson appeared as a hairdresser in "The Unkindest Cut", the 1982 episode of the television series Taxi; Glen and Les Charles, creators of then-upcoming television series Cheers along with James Burrows, were executive consultants for that episode. Danson was one of three actors who auditioned for the role of Sam Malone; the other two actors were William Devane and Fred Dryer. Originally, Sam Malone was supposed "to be a former wide receiver for the New England Patriots." Fred Dryer was initially chosen for that role due to his status as a former football player, but the creators chose Ted Danson instead. Therefore, Sam then evolved into a former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Fred Dryer later appeared as Dave Richards, a friend of Sam Malone and the sportscaster, in Cheers.

Sam dropped out of high school in favor of his potential baseball career. He became a relief pitcher in the Major League Baseball team, Boston Red Sox. His baseball career took a nosedive when he developed an alcohol problem. Sam has run the bar, Cheers, for five years when the series Cheers began in 1982 after his baseball career was over. Over time, his role as a bartender turned him into the "resident ringleader for an assortment of poor souls and wanna-bes."

Danson earned $450,000 per episode as Sam Malone within the last few years of Cheers before "One for the Road" was aired on May 20, 1993. According to the 1993 interview at the Paramount Studios, Danson wanted to stop portraying Sam Malone, which contributed to the end of Cheers. When the interviewer asked Danson about changes of Sam, Danson responded, "He got older, you know," and then, "They tried to make him Sammy again. But he's 45 now. I'm 45. It's OK to be chasing around when you're 37. But when you're 45, it's kind of sad to be chasing around that way."

Ted Danson wore a hairpiece to conceal his baldness for the role of Sam Malone during filming of Cheers. His baldness was revealed at the 1990 Primetime Emmy Awards. In the Cheers episode, "It's Lonely on the Top" (1993), Sam Malone reveals his own hairpiece that conceals his actual baldness to Carla (Rhea Perlman).

Sam is "athletically handsome" yet a "narcissist," "shallow," and "vain", as well. As a lothario, Sam dates and flings women in his life, including "women who want to have fun," even before Cheers began in 1982. Nevertheless, he fails to fulfill every relationship in his life. He was once married to a woman named Deborah (Donna McKechnie), but his marriage did not last.

Sam has an affair with a publicity agent (Barbara Babcock) to appear in commercials, but he breaks off this relationship and loses his job as an actor for advertisements. He makes flings with his adult high school teacher to gain his chances to earn himself a diploma, but he breaks off this relationship, has his exams re-examined, and then successfully earns a diploma without another fling with her again.

Notoriously, Sam Malone is irresistible to Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) and somewhat resisted by Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley), inspired by works about "mixture of romance and antagonism of two people, [portrayed by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn], in a competitive situation." As Les Charles observed, Sam was a "straight man" to Diane; after Long's departure, he became more "carefree" and a "goof-off."

He has on- and off-relationships with "a bright, attractive graduate student" Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) in 1982-1987 and the 1993 series finale, "One for the Road," but they turn out to be a mismatch in each relationship. In 1987, Sam sells Cheers to the corporation, travels with his yacht, and soon returns to the bar to work there under employment of a "voluptuously beautiful" new manager, Rebecca Howe. Since then, Sam many times flirts with and attempts to seduce Rebecca, but she rejects his advances.

In Cheers, Sam is "allowed to be happy" and "living a rich life" Nevertheless, in "The Guy Can't Help It" (1993), Sam realizes his sexual addiction and begins to seek professional counseling. In "The Show Where Sam Shows Up," the 1995 episode of Frasier, the Cheers spin-off, Sam is depicted as identified sexual addict with help from group meetings and committed to change himself. Sam is engaged to a fellow sex addict (Téa Leoni) whom he met during group therapy, but he breaks off the engagement after he finds out that she slept with two other men during their engagement.

Shiera Hall

The Golden Age Hawkgirl was Shiera Sanders Hall, the reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara, and partner of Carter Hall, the Golden Age Hawkman. Centuries ago, Chay-Ara and her lover Prince Khufu were killed by Hath-Set with a knife forged from Nth metal. The properties of the metal and the strength of the duo's love created a bond between them, causing them to be reborn multiple times throughout the centuries. Some of her incarnations include:

* Lady Celia Penbrook, alive during 5th century Britain, and love of Silent Knight
* Cinnamon (also known as Kate Manser), an Old West gunslinger, and love of Nighthawk
* Sheila Carr, lady love of Pinkerton detective James Wright

In the early 20th century, Chay-Ara was reborn as Shiera Sanders. She was kidnapped by Dr. Anton Hastor (reincarnation of Hath-Set), but subsequently rescued by Hawkman (her reborn lover Khufu). Shiera became the hero's frequent ally and love interest. Eventually, she was granted a costume of her own and a belt of gravity-defying Nth metal, and joined him at his side as Hawkgirl.

The Hawks were members of the All-Star Squadron, and while Hawkman was a member of the Justice Society of America, Hawkgirl was not, only assisting the group on occasion. Recent retcons seem to point to Hawkgirl being formally inducted into the JSA at some time, however. Eventually, Carter and Shiera married and had one son, Hector Hall, the previous Doctor Fate.

Through retcon Carter and Shiera also joined the Justice League of America in the late 1980s, serving as liaisons between that group and the Justice Society.

Shiera died when she was merged with Carter and Katar Hol to form a new Hawkman version, a "hawk god" creature, during the events of Zero Hour, but was revived during the events of Blackest Night by the White Lantern ring.

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Characters from For Whom the Bell Tolls


Robert Jordan – American university instructor of Spanish language and a specialist in demolitions and explosives.
Anselmo - Elderly guide to Robert Jordan.
Golz - Commander who ordered the bridge's demolition.
Pablo - Leader of a group of anti-fascist guerrillas.
Rafael – Incompetent, lazy guerrilla, and a gypsy.
María – Robert Jordan's young lover.
Pilar – Wife of Pablo. An aged but strong woman, she is the de facto leader of the guerrilla band.
Agustín – Foul-mouthed, middle-aged guerrilla.
El Sordo – Leader of a fellow band of guerrillas.
Fernando – Middle-aged guerrilla.
Andrés and Eladio – Brothers. Members of Pablo's band.
Primitivo – Young guerrilla in Pablo's band.
Joaquin – Enthusiastic teenaged communist, member of Sordo's band.


Hawkgirl is the name of several female fictional superhero characters, all owned by DC Comics and existing in that company's universe. The character is one of the first costumed female superheroes. All of them are partners, and sometimes spouses or lovers, of the various incarnations of Hawkman, and share many features with the character Hawkwoman. Hawkgirl was ranked 80th in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Dennis Neville, Shiera Sanders first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940), in the same 12-page story in which Fox and Neville introduced Hawkman. Archaeologist Carter Hall has a dream that he is an ancient Egyptian prince, Khufu, who has a lover, Princess Chay-Ara. The next day, Carter meets a woman named Shiera who looks exactly like the woman in his dream. Carter dons the identity of Hawkman and Shiera becomes Carter's girlfriend. Shiera first appears as Hawkgirl in All Star Comics #5 (July 1941), in a costume created by Sheldon Moldoff, based on Neville's Hawkman costume. During Hawkman's solo segment of the Justice Society of America story, Shiera dons a spare set of Nth metal wings developed by Hawkman, and masquerades as Hawkman in order to trick some criminals. Shiera continues to wear the costume and wings in later stories, eventually adopting the identity of Hawkgirl.

With the fading popularity of superheroes during the late 1940s, the Hawkman feature ended in the last issue of Flash Comics in 1949. In 1956, DC Comics resurrected the Flash by revamping the character with a new identity and backstory. Following the success of the new Flash, DC Comics revamped Hawkman in a similar fashion with The Brave and the Bold #34 in 1961. The Silver Age versions of Hawkman and Hawkgirl became married alien police officers from the planet Thanagar who come to Earth in order to study police techniques. Silver Age Hawkgirl is introduced as Shayera Hol (phonetically identical to Shiera Hall), who appears in costume as of her first appearance. Although Silver Age Hawkman joins the Justice League in Justice League of America #31 in 1964, Silver Age Hawkgirl was not offered membership because Justice League rules only allowed for one new member to be admitted at a time. Several years later, Silver Age Hawkgirl joined the Justice League of America with issue #146 in 1977. In 1981, Silver Age Hawkgirl changed her name to Hawkwoman in the Hawkman backup feature of World's Finest Comics #274.

With the establishment of DC's multiverse system, the Golden Age Hawkgirl was said to have lived on Earth-Two and the Silver Age Hawkgirl on Earth-One. Although Golden Age Hawkman makes his first Silver Age appearance during the first JLA/JSA teamup in 1961 and continues making appearances during the annual JLA/JSA teamups, Golden Age Hawkgirl does not reappear until 1976, in the revival of the All Star Comics monthly comic. During the publication gap between the cancellation of Hawkman at the end of the Golden Age and the reintroduction of Earth-Two Hawkman during the Silver Age, Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl are married off-panel. Golden Age Hawkgirl made further appearances as the mother of Silver Scarab in the Infinity Inc. comic and as Hawkgirl as a member of the All-Star Squadron, a retroactive team of Golden Age heroes active in the 1940s.

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Characters from Man's Fate by André Malraux

Ch'en Ta Erh – the assassin. Protagonist.
Kyo Gisors – the leader of the revolt. Protagonist.
Baron De Clappique – a French merchant, smuggler, and obsessive gambler. Protagonist.
Old Gisors – Kyo's father, one-time Professor of Sociology at the University of Peking, and an opium addict, acts as a guide for Kyo and Ch’en
May Gisors – Kyo's wife and a German doctor, born in Shanghai
Katow – A Russian, one of the organizers of the insurrection, he is burned alive for treason.
Hemmelrich – A Belgian phonograph-dealer.
Yu Hsuan – His partner.
Kama – A Japanese painter, Old Gisors' brother-in-law.
Ferral – President of the French Chamber of Commerce and head of the France-Asiatic Consortium. He struggles with his relationship with Valerie because he only wishes to possess her as an object.
Valerie – Ferral's girlfriend.
Konig – Chief of Chiang Kaishek's Police.
Suan – Young Chinese terrorist who helped Ch’en, later arrested in the same attack in which Ch'en was killed.
Pei – Also helped Ch’en.

Seinfeld Characters

Character Actor Character description Episode
Steve Pocitillo Michael Chiklis The annoying suburbanite who tells Jerry he will visit him when he's in the city. He gets drunk and calls a hooker to Jerry's apartment while Jerry is out and then leaves her with Jerry when his ride shows up, forcing Seinfeld to pay for her services. "The Stranded"

Sid Fields Bill Erwin The cantankerous old man Jerry is assigned to. Kramer and Newman take his old records, and Sid kicks Kramer in the butt when they are leaving. Bill Erwin was nominated for an Emmy for his guest appearance. "The Old Man" cameo appearance in "The Pilot"

Marlene Tracy Kolis The annoying cashier girlfriend of George whom she gets dumped by. she then asks out Jerry and begins to leave bizarre messages on his machine, she later dumps him after seeing his act. She also sometimes jumps in pools clothed. "The Ex-Girlfriend"

Alton Benes Lawrence Tierney Elaine's hard-nosed father and famous novelist. "The Jacket"

Artie Levine Ron Steelman Jerry's cousin who prefers his last name be pronounced Le-vine not Le-veen "The Stake Out"

Ben Cantwell Robert Donley The old man George is assigned to visit. "The Old Man"

Ron Tobin Bell A record store owner "The Old Man"

Betsy Megan Mullally One of George's dates. He attempts to advance their relationship by accompanying her to her aunt's funeral in Detroit. "The Implant"

Brody Neil Giuntoli Kramer's movie pirater friend, who packs a gun and eats too much candy. "The Little Kicks"

Meryl Courteney Cox Jerry's girlfriend who pretends to be his wife to take advantage of Jerry's discount at the dry cleaners. "The Wife"

Magnus aka Vegetable Lasagna Frank Van Keeken Norwegian guy who sits in the plane seat next to Elaine and Puddy and has to put up with incessant fighting. Named after his meal selection on the plane, even though he insists on being called by his real name. Coincidentally, all three later end up in the same taxicab due to a shortage. "The Butter Shave"

Miss Rhode Island (Karen Ann Hanson) Marguerite MacIntyre Jerry dates her and accidentally kills her doves, forcing her to sing for the talent contest under Kramer's tutelage, which she does horribly. "The Chaperone"

Hal Kitzmiller Vince Grant Elaine dates him and Kramer is obsessed with his last name. Hal doesn't sit on park benches because they're bad for your back. He buys his furniture at "The Lumbar Yard." He enjoys "the walking date," swimming in the East River, and estimates Elaine's height and weight at 5-8, 110 pounds. He accidentally offended Elaine by sending her a customized mattress, which she gave to Kramer, who proceeded to "funk it up" by swimming in the East River and then sleeping on it. "The Nap"

Betsy (warden) Kathryn Joosten The warden at a women's prison to which the Susan Ross Foundation made a donation, though she prefers being called by her first name. "The Little Jerry"

Henry Atkins, Postmaster General Wilford Brimley He makes it clear to Kramer that he cannot refuse postal mail. He sits on the desk and interrogates Kramer in a parody of his role as Assistant Attorney General Jim Wells in Absence of Malice, in which he did the same to Paul Newman. "The Junk Mail"

John Grossbard Allan Wasserman Kramer runs into this old debtor — a former roommate to whom he lent money — at an airport and tries to collect the money owed. When Kramer realizes that Jerry's flight has been redirected providing the opportunity to again confront his former roommate, he says, "listen to the bell Grossbard. It tolls for thee." "The Airport"

Joel Horneck Kevin Dunn Jerry's childhood friend, with whom he has nothing in common but keeps insisting on keeping in touch. Joel is self-centered and socially awkward, which also makes him impossible to avoid. At some point, Jerry tried to honestly "break up" with Joel, but made him weep and wallow in self-pity instead. "Male Unbonding"

Gladys Mayo Victoria Mahoney Owner of Putumayo and Cinco de Mayo, two retail shops selling southwestern clothing and shoes. Irked by Gladys' inattentiveness when trying to make a purchase at Putumayo, Elaine then marched over to Cinco de Mayo and spent hundreds of dollars on colorful garb, then paraded around in front of Putumayo to show Gladys how much business she had lost. When Elaine learned that Gladys owns both stores, it really stuck in her craw. "The Millennium"

John Germaine Jeff Yagher A jazz musician Elaine dates who eventually loses his saxophone playing prowess after having done "everything" with Elaine. "The Rye"

Milos Mark Harelik A tennis equipment store owner, who sells Jerry a $200 tennis racket but is later revealed as an utterly incompetent player. Afraid of having his reputation ruined, Milos offers his wife to Jerry, and later asks Jerry to take a dive in a tennis game. "The Comeback"

Donna Chang Angela Dohrmann White woman who people think is Chinese, originally named Changstein. "The Chinese Woman"

Jean-Paul Jean-Paul Jeremiah Birkett A New York City Marathon runner from Trinidad and Tobago whose life is made miserable by Jerry. "The Hot Tub"

Frank Costanza's lawyer Larry David He doesn't follow trends and wears a cape. He stops Noreen from committing suicide. Introduces himself as "Frank Costanza's lawyer". "The Chinese Woman"

Pam Kim Myers Jerry's girlfriend whom Kramer falls in love with. "The Soul Mate"

The Doorman Larry Miller An arrogant doorman at Mr. Pitt's apartment building tricks Jerry into watching the door for him. He berates Jerry for looking down at him because he was a doorman, even though Jerry wasn't. "The Doorman"

Stan, the Caddy Armin Shimerman Kramer's Senior Tour golf trainer who missed the cut in the trial of Sue Ellen Mischke. "The Caddy"

Fragile Frankie Merman Dana Gould Jerry's friend from summer camp, a.k.a. the "summer George". He is known for running into the woods whenever he's upset. "The Junk Mail"

Luis Miguel Perez Cuban Diplomat who trades several boxes of Cuban cigars for Kramer's "lucky" jacket. Later. Luis, Kramer and two other Cubans go golfing. "The Cheever Letters"

Lorraine Catalano Judy Kain Works in Jerry's uncle's office. Jerry bumps into her at the Chinese restaurant but cannot remember who she is, until Elaine tricks her into introducing herself. "The Chinese Restaurant"

Ned Isakoff Todd Kimsey Elaine's well-read communist boyfriend, whom she got blacklisted from the Chinese restaurant Hop Sing's by "naming names". He is also indirectly responsible for causing George to date a woman who posted an ad in the Daily Worker (a communist newspaper), and for nearly turning Kramer into a communist and encouraging him to quit his department store Santa job with Mickey Abbott. "The Race"

Sharon Paula Marshall The New York University reporter who writes a story about Jerry and George being gay. "The Outing"

Kevin, Gene, Feldman and Vargas Tim DeKay (Kevin, 2 episodes), Kyle T. Heffner (Gene), Pat Kilbane (Feldman), Mark S. Larson (Vargas) The Bizarro Jerry, George, Kramer and Newman "The Bizarro Jerry"

Geoffrey Harhaarwood Eric Christmas The assistant wardrobe man on Spartacus. He assists in the revitalization of the Alex Theatre and has an unusual fascination with buttons. "The Gum"

Sheila Alexandra Wentworth Jerry's girlfriend who calls him "Shmoopie" as a term of endearment (as he does with her) and is overly affectionate in public. "The Soup Nazi"

The Pig Man Uncredited cameo While in the hospital, Kramer snoops around and comes across what he thinks is the result of a government experiment: a half pig, half man. In reality, just a "fat little mental patient". "The Bris"

Members of the Houston Astros front office Leon Russom ("Clayton"), Ernie Lively ("Zeke"), Charles Cyphers ("Gardner") George has a meeting with the Astros about the possibility of inter-league play. They always call everyone a "bastard" or "son of a bitch". George and Jean-Paul start using the terms and get in trouble. "The Hot Tub"

Members of the New York Mets front office Michael Laskin ("Minkler"), Bruce Jarchow ("Mooney") The Mets make an offer to George for a vacant front office position at Shea Stadium. But in order for the Mets to hire George, they allude to the catch: He has to get fired from the Yankees first. In the end, however, despite George's valiant attempts to make Steinbrenner fire him, Wilhelm walks in and takes the blame. Wilhelm is trying to get fired to get the Mets job as well, which he does. "The Millennium"

Dr Cooperman aka The Assman Lou Cutell A proctologist who has his 'Assman' vanity license plates issued to Kramer by mistake. It is discovered, when Jerry and Kramer visit the doctor's office, that the real Assman has a practice there. When asked by Kramer if the doctor is indeed the Assman, the doctor gives a 'knowing' wink. "The Fusilli Jerry"

Denim Vest Kevin McDonald A character named after his questionable taste in fashion. Elaine's network of fake phone numbers (one of them H&H Bagels) comes undone because of him. "The Strike"

Shaky the Mohel Charles Levin After circumcising Jerry's finger during a bris, he blames Jerry, claiming he flinched. Jerry later derisively refers to him as "Shakey the Mohel" and claims that the mohel got his license from a matchbook. "The Bris"

Manya Rozsika Halmos A relative of Jerry's who dies shortly after Jerry makes a disparaging comment about people who owned ponies as a child. She had stated that she owned a pony in Poland before immigrating to America. "The Pony Remark"

Uncle Mac Joe George Jerry's uncle who was writing an autobiography. "The Stake Out"
The Mechanic Uncredited George accuses a mechanic at David Puddy's Saab dealership of stealing his Twix. He says he probably has a short, mono-syllabic name like Kip or Ned. "The Dealership"

Tor Eckman Stephen Tobolowsky A holistic healer who turns George's complexion purple instead of healing his tonsillitis. "The Heart Attack"

Jimmy Anthony Starke Constantly refers to himself in the third person. Holds a grudge against Kramer for spilling water on the floor, causing him to slip and hurt himself. "Jimmy's down!" George starts to refer to himself in the third person due to Jimmy's speaking. "The Jimmy"

Jason "Stanky" Hanke James Spader A recovering substance abuser who refuses to apologize to George as part of his Alcoholics Anonymous ninth step. Hanke had refused to loan George a sweater because he said George would have stretched out the neckhole. "The Apology"

Melissa Kathleen McClellan Jerry's girlfriend who likes always to be naked while in his apartment, until he does the same and proposes to do some nude belt-sanding ("This isn't good naked"). "The Apology"

Joel Rifkin Anthony Cistaro Elaine's boyfriend who has the same name as infamous serial killer (in real life) Joel Rifkin. Elaine tries to get him to change his name. "The Masseuse"

Raymond Jeff Lester A male masseur who causes George to become extremely uncomfortable and to question his own sexuality. (George: "I think it moved.") "The Note"

Roy the Dentist Ralph Bruneau A friend of Jerry's who agrees to write notes stating that Jerry, George and Elaine need massages so they can be reimbursed for treatment. He is later charged with insurance fraud, but remains friendly to Jerry. "The Note"

The Maître d' James Hong In a Chinese restaurant, the maître d' keeps Jerry, Elaine and George waiting for a table for the whole episode. After the three finally leave in disgust, he looks up, grins, and cries out, "Seinfeld...four!" He also inadvertently complicates George's relationship with Tatiana after mistakenly asking for Cartwright when she phones. "The Chinese Restaurant"

Darryl Samuel Bliss Cooper Elaine's "interracial" boyfriend who ultimately turns out to be white; (Darryl to Elaine: "So, we're just a couple of white people?") "The Wizard"

Evie Bridget Sienna The cleaning lady that George has sex with in his office. "The Red Dot"

Sylvio Jon Polito The superintendent of Jerry, Kramer and Newman's building. He tries to evict Newman from the building for reversing his peephole, but Kramer persuades him not to. Later in that episode it is found out that Newman is having an affair with his wife. "The Reverse Peephole"

Marcelino Miguel Sandoval A bodega owner who posts a check Jerry bounced, offering to take it down if the rooster Little Jerry Seinfeld wins a cockfight. In "The Millennium," Kramer mentions that Marcelino is 1/64th Mayan. "The Little Jerry"

Phil Louis Mustillo Jerry and Kramer's neighbor who dislikes Jerry because Jerry wouldn't let him into the apartment building for fear of robberies. Phil blames Jerry for the death of his parrot. "The Strongbox"

Claire the Waitress Lee Garlington In the pilot episode, Claire was cast as the female regular character; however, she was replaced by Elaine in all subsequent episodes. "The Seinfeld Chronicles"

Carl Farbman Dave Pierce Furniture designer who Elaine wishes would design shoes. "The Checks"

Jack The Wiz Toby Huss The spokesman for Nobody Beats the Wiz who wears a crown and chants "Nobody beats me, because I'm the Wiz! I'm the Wiz!" "The Junk Mail"

Eddie Sherman Ned Bellamy A J. Peterman mail room employee whom Elaine promotes rather than fires because she is intimidated by his threatening manner. "The Fatigues"

Alex Melinda Clarke One of Jerry's girlfriends who loves hairless dogs "The Muffin Tops"

Victoria Dedee Pfeiffer The woman in Monk's who orders the same lunch as George, and introduces George to her Uncle so that he can get his job with The New York Yankees. "The Opposite"

Gavin Joseph Maher An apparently inebriated airplane seatmate of Jerry's who has a medical emergency and asks Jerry to watch his dog, Farfel, then doesn't show up to reclaim the maddening animal for days. "The Dog"

Mary Anne Rena Sofer Works for the New York Visitors Center. Engages George Costanza in discussion assuming he is a tourist. "The Muffin Tops"

Lola Donna Evans Woman in a wheelchair with whom Kramer falls in love after visiting her in the hospital. Lola later breaks up with him after he and George buy her a used wheelchair. She is later seen screaming and rolling down a hill in her wheelchair, which she cannot stop due to bad brakes. "The Handicap Spot"

Phil Titola Mark Tymchyshyn After being set up on a blind date with him, Elaine reported that during the date he "took IT out." "The Stand-In"

Lou Filerman Brent Hinkley The "sidler", works in Elaine's office and appears behind her, sharing credit for her efforts. "The Merv Griffin Show"

Todd Gack John D'Aquino Goes out with Elaine without actually asking her. He sells Jerry cigars which turn out to be Peruvian. Kramer attempts to pay him back in spare change. "The Calzone"

Nick Walter Olkewicz Works at the cable company and tries to catch Kramer at home, but Kramer keeps evading him. "The Cadillac"


Gypsy (Cynthia "Cindy" Reynolds) is a fictional character, a DC Comics superheroine. She first appeared in Justice League Annual #2 (November 1984) and was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton. She is a member of the Birds of Prey and has been a member of the Justice League. Once in Detroit, Cindy uses her chameleon and illusion-casting powers to protect herself. As she grows to adulthood, she adopts the identity of Gypsy, patterning her dress after the popular image of the gypsy. The Justice League would soon take up residence in a neighborhood near Gypsy's stomping grounds after Aquaman disbands the original League.

Shortly after the League moves into their new headquarters Gypsy begins to test and penetrate the League's security measures. Eventually, she becomes brave enough to follow along with them and to aid in the battle against the Overmaster and his Cadre. After this, Gypsy receives an offer to become a full-time member of the Justice League.Gypsy goes on to participate in the League's struggles against the power-mad Anton Allegro and a reactivated Amazo.

Cindy does indeed descend from the line of Romani people. Yet for whatever reason (perhaps a sense of mistrust bred by centuries of persecution), she tends to guard the secrets of her superhuman powers. Gypsy finds cause to test these powers to their limits when the new JLA is unexpectedly ambushed by the Royal Flush Gang during a wilderness retreat. While her teammates are incapacitated, Gypsy ventures outside her own body, in astral form. In this form, she can spy on the Gang's activities. Also during this mission, she receives a dire premonition about the fates of her teammates Steel and Vibe.

This League is doomed, though. In his bid to wipe out the new JLA, Professor Ivo sends an android to destroy Gypsy, but she manages to find its conscience and convinces it not to kill her. Though Ivo succeeds in killing Vibe (as she'd foreseen), the android sees Cindy safely returned to her parents' keeping.

Gypsy's domestic happiness is short-lived, as some time after she has left the JLA, a vengeful Despero arrives at her home and murders her parents. Gypsy would have been Despero's next victim, if not for the intervention of the Martian Manhunter and the rest of the Justice League. Devastated by the loss of her family, Gypsy is immediately recruited by Booster Gold to become a member of the corporate-sponsored team of heroes known as the Conglomerate.

Gypsy's primary power is that of illusion casting, which allows her to blend into her background, effectively becoming invisible. Her abilities are telepathic in nature, and hence are only effective on living beings (The only known exception to this rule being her appearance in the JLA: Blackest Night Tie-in where she was able to affect Steel's reanimated corpse by trying to repel him with an illusion. This might be because the Black Lanterns take over the body and mind of their hosts, making it possible for Gypsy to use her illusion casting even though he was technically dead). However, it also allows her to adapt to rapidly changing backgrounds without betraying the illusion. She can camouflage both herself and someone standing in close proximity to her. In Gypsy's first appearance, only her shadow is shown from the Bunker's monitor, and she appears to teleport at the end of the issue.

Gypsy's illusion casting can also be used to project frightening illusions into the minds of other people. These illusions usually show what the affected person fears most. This ability can affect other living things besides people, and Gypsy can use this ability in combat situations. In one issue of Martian Manhunter, Gypsy is shown as having the ability to project an illusion over herself in order to appear as another person, but that person needs to be her approximate height and weight for it to appear authentic.

In recent issues of Birds of Prey, it has been stated that Gypsy's powers have "hit puberty", and she can now use her chameleon powers to cloak not only herself, but a moving vehicle and its passengers. In JLA Classified #25, it is revealed that Gypsy also has limited precognitive abilities. She also appears to be able to project her spirit from her body.

Aside from her powers, Gypsy is an expert in hand-to-hand combat stealth. She's also an accomplished acrobat, able to leap high, run fast, swim, and execute unexpectedly quick martial arts tactics with relative ease. Gypsy also has a strong aptitude in electronics and computers, and has become skilled in the use of firearms. She has been trained by Bronze Tiger, and in issues of Birds of Prey, Lady Shiva has offered to train her as well.

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Characters from Kafka's The Trial

Josef K. - The tale's protagonist.

Fräulein Bürstner – A boarder in the same house as Josef K. She lets him kiss her one night, but then rebuffs his advances. She makes a brief reappearance in the novel's final pages.

Fräulein Montag – Friend of Fräulein Bürstner, she talks to K. about ending his relationship with Fräulein Bürstner after his arrest. She claims she can bring him insight, because she is an objective third party.

Willem and Franz – Officers who arrest K. one morning but refuse to disclose the crime he is said to have committed.

Inspector – Man who conducts a proceeding at Joseph K.'s boardinghouse to inform K. officially that he is under arrest.

Rabinsteiner, Kullich and Kaminer – Junior bank employees who attend the proceeding at the boardinghouse.

Frau Grubach – The proprietress of the lodging house in which K. lives. She holds K. in high esteem, despite his arrest.

Woman in the Court – In her house happens the first judgment of K. She claims help from K. because she doesn't want to be abused by the magistrates.

Student – Deformed man who acts under orders of the instruction judge. Will be a powerful man in the future.

Instruction Judge – First Judge of K. In his trial, he confuses K. with a Wall Painter.

Uncle Karl – K.'s impetuous uncle from the country, formerly his guardian. Upon learning about the trial, Karl insists that K. hire Herr Huld, the lawyer.

Herr Huld, the Lawyer – K.'s pompous and pretentious advocate who provides precious little in the way of action and far too much in the way of anecdote.

Leni – Herr Huld's nurse, she has feelings for Josef K. and soon becomes his lover. She shows him her webbed hand, yet another reference to the motif of the hand throughout the book. Apparently, she finds accused men extremely attractive—the fact of their indictment makes them irresistible to her.

Albert – Office director at the court and a friend of Huld.

Flogger – Man who punish Franz and Willen in the Bank after K's. complaints against the two agents in his first Judgement.

Vice-President – K.'s unctuous rival at the Bank, only too willing to catch K. in a compromising situation. He repeatedly takes advantage of K.'s preoccupation with the trial to advance his own ambitions.

President – Manager of the Bank. A sickly figure, whose position the Vice-President is trying to assume. Gets on well with K., inviting him to various engagements.

Rudi Block, the Merchant – Block is another accused man and client of Huld. His case is five years old, and he is but a shadow of the prosperous grain dealer he once was. All his time, energy, and resources are now devoted to his case, to the point of detriment to his own life. Although he has hired five additional lawyers on the side, he is completely and pathetically subservient to Huld.

Manufacturer – Person who hears about K.'s case and advise him to see a painter who knows how the court system works.

Titorelli, the Painter – Titorelli inherited the position of Court Painter from his father. He knows a great deal about the comings and goings of the Court's lowest level. He offers to help K., and manages to unload a few identical landscape paintings on the accused man.

Priest – Prison chaplain whom K. encounters in a church. The priest advises K. that his case is going badly and tells him to accept his fate.

Doorkeeper and Farmer – The characters of the Chaplain's Tale.

Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva (real name Sandra Woosan, or more recently Sandra Wu-San) is a fictional comic book character co-created by Dennis O'Neil and Ric Estrada, and published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter as an antagonist of Richard Dragon. Over time, she has become more closely associated with Batman and related characters, both as an enemy and an ally. She is a martial arts grandmaster, one of the most skilled combatants in the entire DC Universe. She is an assassin-for-hire, who specializes in killing her targets with her bare hands.

Sandra Woosan is first introduced as an antagonist to martial artist Richard Dragon, believing him to be a spy responsible for the murder of her sister Carolyn. In reality, Carolyn's murder was orchestrated by Guano Cravat, a corrupt businessman whose criminal ambitions had been foiled by Dragon. Cravat convinced Woosan that Dragon killed Carolyn, deliberately pitting her against Dragon in an act of revenge.

In order to avenge her sister, Woosan becomes a master combatant. During the course of her training, she discovers that she is a prodigy, rapidly mastering several martial arts and eventually dubbing herself "Lady" Shiva.

When Shiva tracks Dragon down and lures him to Cravat's hideout, Dragon reveals Cravat's deception. The Swiss, Carolyn's real murderer and Cravat's underling, had already died in battle with Dragon, rendering Shiva's vendetta moot.

Afterward, she briefly takes up crimefighting with Dragon and fellow martial artist Ben Turner, to allay her feelings of purposelessness, saying "I tolerate Dragon because danger seems to cling to him like fly to honey... and without danger my life is empty!" Dragon, in hopes that she might follow his example and use her skills for good, coaxes her to explore the spiritual side of martial arts, to no apparent success. When the three eventually part ways, Shiva begins a wandering existence, training herself further, and eventually parlaying her skills into a career as a master assassin.

In further pursuit of her art, Shiva tracks the defeats of martial arts masters, in order to discover new techniques. In this way, she develops an interest in the defeat of Koroshi, master of the art of empty-handed fighting. Gaining no information from Koroshi himself, she begins to search for King Snake, the man rumored to have defeated him. During her search, she meets Tim Drake, who is fighting King Snake's criminal organization, the Ghost Dragons, as part of his training to become the third Robin.

Shiva sees potential in Drake, and takes him on as a student. As a bonus, she offers to train him in one weapon, and he chooses the bo staff. Shiva derisively mentions that it is not a lethal weapon, and Drake explains that was the reason he had chosen it. At the end of his training, he defeats Shiva in a sparring match with the bo, and she gives him a collapsible bo staff.

Eventually, they discover that the Ghost Dragons are creating a virulent plague. Robin, Shiva, and ally Clyde Rawlins attempt to stop them from releasing it, but the Dragons escape with a few canisters. After tracking them to Hong Kong, they eventually defeate King Snake, though Rawlins dies in the attempt and Shiva mostly witnesses the proceedings. While King Snake hangs precariously on the ledge of a building, Shiva orders Robin to kill him to signify his "graduation" and become her "weapon." Robin refuses and leaves. Shiva then throws the King Snake off the ledge herself, though he survives the fall.

After Bane breaks Batman's back, Batman seeks training from Shiva to help him regain his skills and fighting spirit. Though she deems him unworthy of her efforts, she devises a training regimen, out of respect for what he had been before his injuries. As part of this training, Shiva kills the Armless Master, a sensei notable for training Catwoman, while wearing a tengu mask, making sure that his death was both witnessed and relayed to his best students. Shiva then makes Batman wear the mask while performing training missions. He is then ambushed by the master’s students, who mistake him for the "Tengu Mask warrior." He defeats all of them in turn, but Shiva attempts to complete Batman’s training by manipulating him into killing an opponent using her fatal Leopard Blow. Batman simply feigns using the maneuver on an assailant to trick her into believing he used lethal force. Shiva later discovers the truth, but does not seek vengeance.

Later, she helps Batman fight Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins, including Bane, when Ghul attempts to release a deadly virus called Ebola Gulf A that would have killed half the world's population (see Batman: Legacy). The trail leads Batman to Calcutta, India. Since their knowledge of the city is limited, Oracle contacts Shiva, who agrees to help Batman. Together they defeat Ghul's men and prevent the virus from being released