Monday, February 20, 2012

Vladimir Makarov

Vladimir Makarov is a Russian fictional character and the main antagonist of the Modern Warfare series of the Call of Duty game franchise. His debut was in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 who at first appear's to be the main antagonist until General Shepherd reveals himself to have that position and Makarov is the secondary villain. He serve's as a focal point and the reason for the Task Force 141's objectives. He sparked war between America and Russia when he left the body of American Joesph Allen (who was a spy by orders of Shepherd to feul his own twisted goals) at the Zakheav airport massacre. The Task Force 141 attempts many missions to find and kill Makarov but with no success. When Shepherd betrays the Task Force he tries to have them all killed but misses Soap and Price. During a battle in Afghanistan, Price manages to get in contact with Makarov who give's Price the location of Shepherd and tells Price "I'll see you in hell", Price says "Give my regards to Zakheav if you get there first". Makarov is able to escape the battle through unknown means. He return's in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, this time as the main antagonist. It is revealed that he was at Zakheav's weapon's trade along with his friend Yuri in the first game and was the one who saved him from death and was the one who detonated the bomb that killed the 30,000 Marines (which sparked Shepherds motives in MWII) in the same game with Yuri. It is also revealed that before the airport massacre he shot Yuri who gave away his motives to Shepherd. Makarov takes part in shooting down the plane with the Russian president in hopes of getting missile launch codes. The president refuses but Makarov decides to go after his daughter as he kills a guard. Later Soap, Price, Yuri and Kamarov try to kill Makarov but fail, which result's in Kamarov and Soap's deaths. The daughter that Makarov tries to abduct is rescued along with her farther the Russian president, and through peace talk the war ends. After the war ends, Price and Yuri track Makarov down to the Hotel Oasis and fight him. Makarov attempts to escape but Price manages to crash his helicopter and force both of them down. Price is injured but Makarov survives with a mere shoulder wound. When Makarov tries to kill Price Yuri comes to his rescue but is killed but Price manages to bring Makarov to the ground. Price ties a rope around Makarov's neck, smashes the glass roof their on and hangs to Ultranationlist leader, truly ending the war between America and Russia

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