Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Malon

Super Malon is a fictional comic book superhero team published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Flash Annual #13 (2000), and were created by Chuck Dixon and Enrique Alcatena. Super Malon was introduced during the Planet DC Annuals event of the nineties, an initiative to introduce international heroes. A few members of the team later appeared battling the Cheetah in an issue of Wonder Woman. Cimarrón later made a cameo appearance in Batman Incorporated #3, pretending to be a crime lord named Black Miguel.The Super Malon (Spanish: Súper Malón) were inspired by 1950s Argentine hero the Gaucho, a founding member of the The Dome. The heroes are a mix of fledgling adventurers and experienced vigilantes. Together, the Super Malon are the modern defenders of Argentina. Many of their personal origins remain a secret, their identities seem to have been influenced by Argentine folklore and traditional beliefs.

Cachiru - Cachiru is a winged cross between Hawkman and Batman. He once was romantically involved with La Salamanca.
La Salamanca - La Salamanca possessing elemental powers, and has the ability to astrally project her spirit self. Her astral form can remain separated from her body for three hours.
El Yaguareté - Yaguareté is a super speedster wearing a Jaguar skin costume.
Cimarrón - Cimarrón is a sword wielding swashbuckling hero.
El Lobizón - El Lobizón is a non-infectious lycanthrope.
Pampero - Pampero can control wind currents and create storms. His name comes from a specific type of Argentine wind.
El Bagual - El Bagual is a horse headed super-strong and nigh invulnerable humanoid. His name comes from a Spanish term for an untamed horse.
Vizacacha - Vizacacha is a master thief and acrobat. His name and costume are presumably inspired by the vizcacha, a chinchilla-like animal that lives in the Andes and Central Region of Argentina.


  1. I've not become familiar with these heroes. I'd like to see them in person and pet the animal that Vizachacha's name comes from.

  2. Do you think Super Malon could take on the X-Men?

    GM x