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Parks and Recreation Citizens of Pawnee

Brandi Maxxxx

Brandi Maxxxx (Mara Marini) is a pornography star who has appeared in more than 200 adult films, despite having been in the business only one year. She appeared in "Jerry's Painting" as a guest on the news show Ya Heard? With Perd!, where host Perd Hapley was interviewing Leslie Knope about a painting she appeared nude in. Brandi was also brought on as a guest and, to Leslie's chagrin, compared Leslie's painting to pornography and defended them both. She claimed anyone should be allowed to have sex anywhere they wanted, and falsely believed Leslie felt the same way. When Leslie quoted United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Potter Stewart's famous claim that he cannot define pornography but "I know it when I see it", Brandi was asked to define it and she replied, "For me, it's when the penis goes in." Brandi also invited Leslie to appear in her next film. Tom tried to flirt with Brandi, but his efforts were ruined when she recognized him as the basis of a baby-like cherub in the painting.


Chris (guest star Will Arnett) is a MRI technologist at the hospital where Ann Perkins works. Ann sets Chris up on a blind date in "The Set Up", which went extremely poorly. Chris openly acted rude to Leslie during the dinner, criticizing Leslie's alma mater of Indiana University and expressing disappointment that she only works in regular parks rather than amusement parks. Upon learning Leslie has never had an MRI, Chris insisted on immediately taking her to the hospital and giving her one, to which she reluctantly agreed. His inappropriate behavior continued at the hospital, where he made creepy comments about her "industrial-sized" womb during the MRI and made unsubtle comments about expecting to have sex with her later, including asking whether she is having her period. They parted on bad terms, with Chris angry that Leslie refused to have sex with him after the date.

Arnett is the real-life husband of Amy Poehler, who plays Leslie. It was not Poehler who arranged for him to be on the show, but rather Michael Schur, who is a good friend of Arnett and felt he would be a good fit for the character.

Jessica Wicks

Jessica Wicks (Susan Yeagley) is a Miss Pawnee beauty pageant winner who became the younger trophy wife of the elderly but wealthy Nick Newport, Sr. Speaking with a slight Southern accent, Jessica is a superficial woman who cares deeply about her own physical appearance and tries hard to charm others around her. She won the Miss Pawnee contest in 1994 primarily based on her looks; her talent during the pageant was packing a suitcase.Jessica first appeared in "Beauty Pageant" as a Miss Pawnee panel judge along with Leslie and Tom. When Tom voted for the beautiful Trish Ianetta but Leslie pushed for a smarter but less attractive contestant, the superficial Jessica sided with Tom. She reappeared in "94 Meetings", where she organized a birthday party for Nick Newport, Sr. by completely renovating and tearing down portions of the historic Turnbill Mansion. Leslie unsuccessfully tried to stop her, while Tom simply flirted with her, acknowledging she was a gold digger but calling himself a "gold digger digger". Jessica sang a horribly out-of-key song for her husband with an accompanist on the harp.

Kelly Larson

Kelly Larson (guest star Will Forte, who starred on Saturday Night Live with Amy Poehler) is a Pawnee resident who advocated for Leslie to include the Twilight novel in a time capsule she was organizing. Appearing in "Time Capsule", Kelly is obsessed with Twilight and knows every detail about the books, the film series and Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. When Kelly visited Leslie's office to advocate for the novel, she politely refused, and Kelly responded by handcuffing himself to a pipe in her office, promising to stay there until she agrees. He spent three days in the office, where he got Tom interested in Twilight and held book discussions with Tom and Donna. Finally, Leslie revealed she knows Kelly's true motivations: he had recently gone through a divorce and was trying to impress his teenage daughter, who loves Twilight. Although sympathetic, Leslie cannot agree to Kelly's request or she would have to accept demands from all Pawnee residents. As a compromise, she held a public meeting where she listened to all demands. Ultimately, when the citizens could not agree on anything, Leslie submitted a video tape of that very meeting, which she believed symbolizes the spirit and passion of Pawnee.


Lawrence (Eric Edelstein) is a Pawnee resident who has criticized the parks and recreation department's plans at public forums, which embodied a recurring Parks and Recreation theme that only citizens opposed to projects bother to attend town meetings. He first appeared in "Canvassing" at a forum Leslie held to raise support for her proposed park project. Like the others who attended, Lawrence was critical of Leslie's plans, and complained about the loud music his neighbor Andy played. He ended the night by telling Leslie, "Hey park lady, you suck," to which she proudly replied, "Hear that? He called me park lady." The line was originally meant to be said by someone else, but Michael Schur said it was given to Lawrence because the Parks and Recreation crew liked Edelstein so much. Lawrence reappeared in "Boys' Club", where he angrily stole Andy's radio while Andy was bathing himself in a children's pool in the back yard. This prompted Andy to chase Lawrence through the street naked while using crutches. Lawrence also appeared in a scene that was deleted from "Ron and Tammy", but included in the second season DVD, in which he mocked Andy's new city hall job as a shoeshiner by giving him dozens of soiled shoes to clean.

Marcia Langman

Marcia Langman (Darlene Hunt) is a conservative activist with the Pawnee organization, the Society for Family Stability Foundation. She often serves as an antagonist to Leslie by objecting to her plans and arguing against issues she considers offensive. Marcia uses fear-mongering tactics and often expresses racist and homophobic sentiments. In her first appearance, "Pawnee Zoo", she objected to Leslie's marriage of two male penguins during a publicity stunt for the zoo. Offended by what she perceived as a public show of support for same-sex marriage, Marcia demanded Leslie's resignation and appeared on the morning news program Pawnee Today to debate the matter with Leslie. She next appeared in "Time Capsule", where Marcia objected to a proposal to include the Twilight novel in a Pawnee time capsule, claiming it included offensive sexual content and went against Christian values. Marcia reappeared in "Jerry's Painting", where she demanded the destruction of a painting that depicted Leslie as a bare-chested centaur Greek goddess. Condemning it as "government-funded animal porn", she took the matter to the city arts commission, which agreed to destroy it because they do not want to offend anybody. Marcia planned to publicly burn the painting, but Leslie had it switched with a decoy painting and kept the original herself.

The Newport family

The Newport family are the owners of the Sweetums candy manufacturer in Pawnee and one of the city's richest and most prominent families. The company has operated and thrived in the city for years, as indicated in the episode "Sweetums", where Leslie screened 30-year-old video footage of a then-young Nick Newport, Sr. (Christopher Murray) discussing how corn syrup was used to fatten cattle at farms. By the time of Parks and Recreation, Nick Newport, Sr. is an elderly man in a wheelchair so senile he can barely speak, and the company is run by his son Nick Newport, Jr. (Gary Weeks), who himself appears in Sweetums commercials along with has two children, Dakota (Harley Graham) and Denver (Ryan Hartwig). In "Sweetums", the company formed a partnership with the city hall to run the concessions stands in Pawnee parks, and Nick Newport, Jr. unveiled their new, supposedly-healthy energy bars Nutriyums. He promotes the energy bars through commercials that use similar propagandistic techniques as the commercials of real-life corn refiners: they feature warm images of Nick Newport, Jr. with his dog Shoelace insisting corn syrup is "fine in moderation". Ann and Leslie held public forums to inform people the energy bars are not actually healthy, but the citizenry of Pawnee ultimately rejected their arguments and were won over by the charisma of Nick Newport, Jr. and his family, particularly when Denver announced they should look under their seats for free Sweetums candy. Nick Newport, Sr. appeared in the episode "94 Meetings", where his young and attractive gold digger wife Jessica Wicks held his 85th birthday party at the Turnbill Mansion. Jessica made major alterations to the historic mansion, and Leslie unsuccessfully tried to intervene to stop her.

Paul Rudd plays Bobby Newport, a spoiled rich moron who is Leslie's chief opponent in her fourth season campaign for City Council. Although he is a member of the prominent Newport family, his exact relationship to family patriarch Nick Newport, Sr., has yet to be revealed.

Trish Ianetta

Trish Ianetta (April Marie Eden) is an attractive young woman who won the title Miss Pawnee in "Beauty Pageant". She gave unintelligent answers during the pageant and displayed no actual talent: during her talent portion, she did a baton twirling act that involved simply moving the baton around without twirling it. In describing herself, she says, "I've been on YouTube. I love wearing bikinis at the beach with everyone there." Trish has been compared to Caitlin Upton, the 2007 Miss South Carolina Teen USA who made an incoherent response during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant. Based solely on her physical attractiveness, Trish was favored by the panel of judges, which included Tom Haverford and Jessica Wicks. Only Leslie objected to Trish and unsuccessfully argued for Susan, an intelligent and talented contestant who was less pretty. Trish made another appearance in "The Master Plan", where she was among the girls Tom tried to flirt with during a night at the Snakehole Lounge bar.

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