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Mortal Kombat Characters

Characters introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance


Blaze makes his first appearance in Mortal Kombat II, visible only as a burning figure on a bridge in the Pit II stage background, fighting a character fans had nicknamed Hornbuckle.In MK: Deadly Alliance his biography screen reveals that he is an elemental who had been pursuing a quest until he was attacked on a bridge by an ancient sect. The group of holy men, described as still serving the dead Dragon King, capture Blaze using magic and bind him to the task of protecting the last Great Dragon egg. After the egg hatches, Blaze is able to resume his past mission.
It is said that Blaze was created to oversee the strength of all of the fighters in the realms. Upon being freed from the egg incubation chamber, Blaze discovers that, in his absence, the power and numbers of these fighters had become too great and that Daegon had already been revived. He then plans to bring all the fighters together in one final battle, where the actions of the two brothers would end up determining their fates and prevent Armageddon.
Sensing that something evil from the Netherrealm was influencing Daegon, Blaze decides to travel there in order to find its source.
In Armageddon's Konquest mode, Blaze appears confronting both Taven and Daegon. When Taven defeats Daegon, Blaze prepares to face Taven. When he had been enslaved by Onaga's Holy Men, the spell used on him corrupted his mission. Blaze is finally defeated by Taven, but his victory fails to stop the coming Armageddon.

Bo' Rai Cho
Voiced by: Carlos Pesina (MK:DA, MK:D, MK:A)

Bo' Rai Cho is a native of Outworld who has trained many warriors. Since he is originally from Outworld, he never enters the Mortal Kombat tournament as it would have meant competing on the behalf of Outworld and thus the brutal emperor Shao Kahn. Upon hearing that Liu Kang has been murdered by the Deadly Alliance, he takes Kung Lao under his wing. While a group of Earthrealm warriors prepares for a frontal assault on the Deadly Alliance, Bo' Rai Cho secretly enters the palace and escapes with the body of Li Mei. He regroups with the other Earthrealm warriors led by Raiden and retreats to safety rather than joining the attack. His back story is that he has trained warriors for centuries to compete in the tournaments. After many failures, success finally came when he trained the legendary Liu Kang, who defeated Shang Tsung and became champion of the Earthrealm tournament. He makes a cameo appearance at the end of the 2011 Mortal Kombat, where he trains Shang Tsung as new protector against the corrupt god, Liu Kang. The character's name is a play on the Spanish word "borracho", which in English means "drunk". He is usually depicted intoxicated and carrying a canister of alcohol. His fighting moves consist of drunken style fighting mixed with vulgar actions such as vomiting on the ground to make the opponent slip and getting up by flatulating.

Bo' Rai Cho was ranked as tenth worst Mortal Kombat character by ScrewAttack in 2011.


Drahmin makes his debut in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance as one of two Oni, demons of the fifth plane of the Netherrealm. The mask he wears is an artifact called the Face of Kun-Lo. Wearing it allows him to control his rage and fight with his disciplined Netherrealm style. Removing it causes him to go into Oni style where he loses his focus and attacks with murderous insanity. Centuries ago, he was a cruel human warlord in Outworld. For his crimes, he was exiled to the Netherrealm where his body and soul were to be tortured for all eternity. The two Oni known as Moloch and Drahmin are allies. During the time of the Deadly Alliance, Shang Tsung fears treachery from his new ally, Quan Chi. He hires Drahmin and Moloch to protect him. Quan Chi also hires Drahmin and Moloch. Scorpion finds the palace where Shang Tsung and Quan Chi are. In a desperate attempt to defeat Quan Chi he breaks in, but is stopped by the Oni. They soon defeat him and throw him into the portal to the Heavens. Scorpion's body is then ripped apart by the purity of that realm. In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Konquest mode, Drahmin again battles Taven in the Netherrealm but loses. Shinnok reveals later on Taven was merely tested by illusions, causing uncertainty if Drahmin was really in hell. The real Drahmin dies during the final battle in Armageddon. The original name for Drahmin was going to be Amon, after a biblical demon in keeping with the tradition of Moloch. It was changed during preproduction of Deadly Alliance.


Frost was discovered by Sub-Zero. Impressed by her skills, including abilities almost exactly like his, Sub-Zero takes her as his protégé. Sub-Zero was unable to teach her humility. The MK Deadly Alliance Konquest mode reveals that Sonya had a brief fight with Frost. Desiring to become Grand Master of the clan herself, she immobilizes Sub-Zero with a freezing blast and tears the Dragon Medallion (an artifact which enhanced Sub-Zero's abilities, as well as the symbol of Lin Kuei leadership) from his chest. Without the strength and discipline required to control the medallion's power, she is consumed by her own freezing ability. Sub-Zero buries her next to the ancestors of Cryomancers in Outworld, forgiving her. In MK: Unchained, Frost was awakened and realized she was still in Outworld, believing that Sub-Zero had taken the Dragon Medallion from her. She returned to the Lin Kuei temple in Earthrealm with the intention of killing only Sub-Zero, but killed many of his clansmen and became delusional to the point of seeing him everywhere. Sub-Zero then froze her and placed her body in a shrine deep in the temple. Frost remained frozen until MK: Armageddon Konquest mode, when Taven entered the Lin Kuei temple; he breaks open the block of ice and releases her. At first, she thinks that he is Sub-Zero and battles him; afterward she realizes Taven is not Sub-Zero and runs off embarrassed. Frost appears in the background of "The Pit" stage as one of several characters who appear through cameos in Mortal Kombat (2011).

Hsu Hao

Hsu Hao is of prime importance for the events on Earthrealm leading up to MK4. Mavado orders him to act as a Chinese Secret Militant for the Special Forces and aid them in completely destroying the Black Dragon clan. Hsu Hao carries out his instructions without question and helps the Special Forces for years until the entire Black Dragon clan is seemingly eradicated after Jarek's death. Mavado then instructs him to destroy their underground base and with it, their only means of inter-realm travel. He arms a miniature nuclear weapon and just escapes through the portal before it detonates. As a result of his betrayal, his former superior at the Special Forces, Jax, has a score to settle with him. Mavado then sends Hsu Hao to kill Shang Tsung under orders from Quan Chi. On his way to Tsung's palace he is cornered and killed when Jax rips out his artificial heart.

Kenshi is a video game character from the Mortal Kombat series, first appearing in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Kenshi is a rogue swordsman of Eurasian heritage. He is a blind, gruff man who has mastered the arts of Tai Chi, San Shou and Judo. Kenshi is also psychokinesis, able to throw opponents off-balance or across the room when necessary. He nurses a bitter hatred for the sorcerer Shang Tsung, whose trickery had blinded him. He is currently allied with Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs, and has also found a friend in Sub-Zero as well as Ermac.

Kenshi appears in the 2011 Mortal Kombat game as downloadable content, making him the only post-Mortal Kombat 3 character in the game to be playable, other than Quan Chi.

Li Mei

Li Mei made her debut in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Her village was forced into slavery to help construct Shang Tsung's palace around the Soulnado, which had been a long-time legend of her people. In attacking Kano, she gains the attention of Quan Chi, who promises her freedom if she wins a tournament. Around this time she befriends Shujinko, captured by Kano during his 40 year quest for the Kamidogu. Shujinko offers to train her even though he feels that her chances in the Deadly Alliance's tournament are slim. She later journeys to a nearby forest where she is attacked by Moloch and Drahmin. She escaped through the trees as Shang Tsung came and formed an alliance with the Oni. Her ending in Deadly Alliance depicted her winning Quan Chi's tournament and "earning" the right to be imprisoned forever in one of the Dragon King's soldiers' bodies. In Deception Bo' Rai Cho rescues her from this fate. However, he is apparently only partially successful, and Li Mei takes on some aspects of these ancient warriors. It is revealed that, upon the return of the Dragon King, she is to be his queen. Her ending results in her willfully becoming the Dragon Queen. In MK: Armageddon's Konquest mode, Li Mei fights Shinnok in the Netherrealm. She begins to gain the upper hand on him until Taven (who is unaware that Shinnok had turned evil) appears and makes her go away. Shinnok later reveals that this was all created as a test for Taven. Lei Mei can be seen chained in Kahn's arena in the MK reboot.


Mavado's influence in the games' storyline began before the events of MK4. Since the Red Dragon's top priority is the extermination of the Black Dragon while still desiring to keep their existence secret, they decide to use the Special Forces for their own purposes. To that end, Mavado instructs his subordinate, Hsu Hao, to infiltrate the Outer World Investigation Agency and help them in tracking down and killing the last members of the Black Dragon, a mission Hsu Hao performs to great success. After Mortal Kombat 4, Mavado is hired by the Deadly Alliance to fend off Kenshi, in return acquiring the opportunity to be given the last Black Dragon member, Kano, at the time a general in the service of the Deadly Alliance. They also request that the Red Dragon destroy the Outer World Investigation Agency's techno-portals to prevent the Special Forces from being able to travel to Outworld. During the events of MK:DA, Mavado accomplishes these tasks. He instructs Hsu Hao to destroy the Outer World Investigation Agency's underground portal facility, shortly before traveling to Outworld himself through a secret inter-realm portal located in the Lost Sea. Mavado tracks down and defeats Kenshi, allowing him to fight Kano; however, Mavado captures Kano and has his Red Dragon minions bring him to their headquarters. Shortly before MK:D, Kabal returns fully recuperated from his stay in Chaosrealm and seemingly kills Mavado, retrieving his hookswords. In MK:As Konquest mode, Mavado reports to Daegon in the Red Dragon's lair that the clan has located Blaze. Daegon then orders him to kill his brother Taven but he fails.


Originally introduced in MK:DA as a secret character, Mokap is a motion-capture actor with a vast knowledge of martial arts and fighting styles. He continually finds himself inexplicably transported to and wrapped up in the battles, simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mokap's Deadly Alliance bio reveals that he is a former martial arts teacher on the North Side of Chicago. One day he was called upon by Johnny Cage to do some motion capture work for his new movie and became the primary martial arts talent for motion capture in this film. Mokap was flown to Hollywood to begin his first session. It is unknown how Mokap participated in the events of Deadly Alliance. Although he fights on the side of good, he does not appear to affect on the outcome of the battle. Some time after this, Mokap gained some telekinetic powers, although the source of these powers was not explained. Mokap returns in MK: Armageddon, again fighting for the side of Earthrealm and for his life. Mokap also made two brief appearances in Mortal Kombat: Deception Konquest mode.

Mokap's name is short for motion capture (with the "C" being replaced by a "K" as per Mortal Kombat tradition), as in the devices used by the actors to capture the movements of characters. The character had been added late in Deadly Alliance's development, so he lacked many character-specific features such as his own fighting styles, a weapon stance, and a Fatality. However, he is slightly compensated with three fighting styles instead of two (just like Blaze). Mokap is a tribute to Carlos Pesina, the actor who played Raiden early in the series.

Mokap ("a f-ing guy with balls on his body") was ranked as second worst Mortal Kombat character by ScrewAttack in 2011.


Moloch is the only known ally of his Oni counterpart, Drahmin. Unlike Drahmin however, distorted and consumed by rage as he may be, Moloch has most likely always been a demon from the Netherrealm. The sorcerer Quan Chi confronts Moloch and Drahmin with an offer to free them from the Netherrealm if they protect him from the ninja spectre Scorpion. It is no surprise to Moloch that Drahmin accepts the offer and so they smash Scorpion whenever he came near Quan Chi. He appears as the sub-boss to MK:DA. Like many bosses, he is immune to being thrown and most projectile attacks.


Nitara, the only vampire in the Mortal Kombat series, spends a long time trying to find a mysterious orb that binds her realm to Outworld before actually discovering its location. The orb, however, was inaccessible to her, submerged under molten lava. At one point she tricks the Outer World Investigation Agency agent Cyrax into retrieving the orb after sending Reptile to attack him. Nitara smashes the orb into pieces on the floor, separating her realm from Outworld at last. The ordeal knocks her unconscious, but when she awakens, she is home. She then makes it her mission to protect the realm's fragile stability. During the events of MK: Armageddon, mass genocides of her people begin to occur in her realm. Nitara is sent by her people's elders to a crater in Edenia to find a prophesied force of great power that could destroy the murderer's blade. While traveling there, she comes upon the demon Ashrah, the blade's possessor. To protect the rest of her race, Nitara lures Ashrah out of her realm and continues to Edenia, planning to bring her attacker to the Edenian weapon where it may be used against her.

Nitara's character in Konquest Mode makes many references to different classic heavy metal bands and songs, such as Def Leppard (which is where her primary style, "Leopard" is derived from), Journey, KISS (also used to describe her alternate costume in Armageddon), Guns n' Roses and Scorpions.

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