Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jerry Gergich

Gary "Jerry" Gergich is a fictional character in the TV series Parks and Recreation and is portrayed by Jim O'Heir. He has appeared in every episode of the series so far, except for "Canvassing", the second episode of the series. Gerry Gergich works for the Department of Parks and Recreation and is a married father of three girls. His surname was first mentioned in the episode "Park Safety". He is often the butt of jokes due to his embarrassing history, a collection of awkward moments including public urination, plastic surgery after being hit by a fire truck, routinely spilling his cup of soup, and being adopted by a woman arrested for selling marijuana. He seems to have a normal family life and some artistic talent, once creating a mural of the Pawnee City Hall composed of minuscule pictures of the town's citizens. In the episode "Telethon", he is shown to be a skilled pianist. His opinions and talents often go unnoticed due to poor respect from his co-workers. For example, on one occasion he stumbled over his words saying "murinal" rather than "mural", causing an abundance of teasing rather than a reaction to the aforementioned mural he had created. Although he never joins in the teasing, Ron Swanson describes Gerry as both the "schlemeil" and the "schlemazel" of the office, meaning he's both a klutz and the victim of the universe's contempt. For his part, Gerry mainly tolerates the mocking of his coworkers, looking ahead two years to his retirement on a full pension. However, he does feel intimidated by his colleagues. For example, in the episode "Park Safety", he claimed to have been mugged by teenagers rather than owning up to falling into a stream. It is revealed in "Pawnee Rangers" that one of Jerry's daughters' name is Millicent. Chris asks Jerry if it is okay for him to date her and he agrees. Chris, in an attempt to be completely open about their relationship, continuously tells Jerry intimate details about their dates despite Jerry's discomfort. Jerry is also one of the few people in the main characters of the series to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship with a significant other, as he has been married for almost thirty years. This contradicts with the fact that his coworkers have not fared so well as he has when it comes to relationships(i.e. Ron's two ex-wives, Tom's green-card marriage with Wendy, Donna's somewhat promiscuous lifestyle, April at one point having a gay boyfriend who also had a boyfriend; Andy's rocky relationship with Ann, etc.)

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