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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Characters

Sergeant Paul Jackson - a playable character in Act One, Jackson is a US Marine of the First Force Reconnaissance Company who sees fighting in the Middle East during the hunt for Khaled Al Asad. His unit is originally assigned to find Al Asad, but they later have to rescue a trapped M1 Abrams Tank from a bog. After securing the tank, his unit is sent to the capital city to find Al Asad, but even when they are ordered to pull out, his unit stays behind to rescue a downed pilot. His unit is killed seconds later when a nuclear bomb is set off, destroying the city, but Jackson survives longer to stumble out of the crashed helicopter he is in only to eventually die from the combined effect of his wounds and the nuclear fallout.

United States AC-130 Operator - A U.S. soldier aboard an AC-130 gunship on a mission that provided air support to Captain Price's extraction team.

Iraq President Yasir Al-Fulani (Arabic: ياسر آل فلاني) - President of an unnamed Middle East country and playable for one level. When OpFor takes over the Middle East, Al Asad executes Al-Fulani on national television as a symbol of his power. Although he is playable, the player can't control him, only can move his head around the city.

United States 1st Lieutenant Vasquez - Jackson's platoon leader. Vasquez is assigned to capture Al Asad and, along with Sgt Jackson and Staff Sergeant Griggs, rescues the Abrams tank from the bog. He is killed with the rest of his platoon when Al Asad's forces detonate a nuclear bomb.

United Kingdom "Gaz" - A member of Captain Price's SAS team. Gaz gathers intel and keeps in contact with Overlord for his team. Gaz has a somewhat dark sense of humor, stating that the civil war in Russia was "good news" compared to Soap's arrival in the team. Gaz is shot and killed by Imran Zakhaev in the final level.

Russia Sergeant Kamarov - The leader of a Loyalist squad in the Russian Military. As the Russians have a Civil War, Kamarov asks the SAS to assist his men using sniper rifles to eliminate targets. During the mission "Safehouse", Kamarov gives the SAS an Mi-28 (Callsign "Mosin 2-5") assault helicopter as Air Support during the search for Khaled Al-Asad. He is last seen at the end of the game, where his army arrives at the destroyed bridge, rescuing Soap & Price as his men inspect the nearby bodies. He later returns briefly in the game's second sequel, Modern Warfare 3.

United States Staff Sergeant Griggs - A member of Jackson's platoon and the machine gunner, Griggs helps rescue the tank from the bog, but is not present when Jackson's platoon is killed, staying behind instead. After the deaths of his squad, Griggs joins up with the SAS in Russia, helping them when they attempt to capture Victor Zakhaev and dropping with them when they go to retake a Russian nuclear base. He is killed by the Ultranationalists while attempting to rescue Soap.

United States Captain "Deadly" Pelayo - The pilot of an AH-1W Super Cobra of the USMC. She provides air support for Jackson's squad and helps escort Marine transport helicopters. She is shot down by an enemy Stinger when trying trying to escort the marines out of a nuclear-threatened city. Jackson's squad rescues her from her downed chopper, but as they start to leave, the nuclear bomb goes off killing them all.

United States Outlaw - One member giving air support to Marines and has comicacion with the commander of the operation. dies on the nuclear explosion

United Kingdom Captain MacMillan - MacMillan is Price's commanding officer and mentor in the flashback missions. He and Price attempt to assassinate Zakhaev, but they fail, and as they are attempting to escape Pripyat, Ukraine; his leg is injured by a crashing helicopter, forcing Price to carry him the rest of the way. He later returns in the game's second sequel, Modern Warfare 3 as Baseplate.

Russia "Nikolai"- Price's informant who goes undercover with the ultranationalists. His cover is blown and he is rescued by the SAS. He appears with a larger role in the game's two sequels.

United States "Command" - Referred to as Baseplate and Overlord for the SAS and USMC (respectively), he is the HQ radio for Soap and Jackson, keeping track of their progress as they fight the Ultranationalists, and keeping the players updated on what's happening.

United States Gaines - Gaines is a United States Marine that Vasquez orders to cover Jackson while searching for the Anti-Aircraft gun in "The Bog". However, he is never actually seen in "The Bog" supporting War Pig. His role is filled by a randomly generated Marine.

United States Lopez - is a United States Marine that Vasquez orders to cover Jackson while searching for the AA gun in "The Bog".

United States Massey - He is assigned to Lieutenant Vasquez's unit and serves as the breaching specialist. Massey assisted Lieutenant Vasquez and Sergeant Paul Jackson in clearing the OpFor headquarters building that was allegedly the location of Khaled Al-Asad, and helped to identify the bodies as not being Al-Asad. He then followed his companions from the building.

United States Roycewicz - During the attack on Al-Asad's capital city, Roycewicz and Paul Jackson are ordered by Lt. Vasquez to sweep and clear the second floor of a building they assaulted. While going up the stairs, Roycewicz is attacked by a particularly burly soldier. Depending on the players actions, Roycewicz either lives - as Jackson kills the OpFor soldier, or dies - as the OpFor soldier hurls him to the floor and executes him with a pistol.

United States Volker - Lieutenant Volker was a crew chief on the Sea Knight Helicopter, Outlaw 2-5, He is seen at the end of the helicopter supervising the Marines out of it and covering them with an M9, but sometimes an M1911. Due to the last minute rescue of a Cobra pilot, "Deadly" Pelayo, he is killed when the nuclear bomb explodes.

United Kingdom Sergeant Wallcroft - SAS Solidier who assists Soap and Price in the Cargoship operation. Himself along with Griffen will return in Modern Warfare 3 as the Team Leader's

United Kingdom Private Griffen - SAS Solidier who assists Soap and Price in the Cargoship operation. Himself along with Wallcroft will return in Modern Warfare 3 as the Team Leader's where he will be promoted Corporal

United Kingdom Mac - SAS Soldier who assists Soap, Price and Gaz in "F.N.G" and "Heat".

United Kingdom Baseplate - is the S.A.S. command base, where Bravo Six received radio commands from regimental commanders.

United Kingdom Barton - Barton worked with Captain Price, Gaz, Mac, Arem and "Soap" MacTavish to secure the village in the campaign mission "Heat". He escaped with the rest of the team at the end of the mission.

United Kingdom Arem - Arem is is a British SAS soldier, first seen in the campaign mission "Heat". He worked with Captain Price, Gaz, Mac, Barton and Sergeant "Soap" MacTavish to secure the village.

United Kingdom One-One Team- The One-One Team is part of the Task force 141, the leader seems to be Romeo One-One

.The known members in the team are Charlie One-One, Echo One-One and Bravo One One. Soap seems to be one of the members in the team because it has the plans and the strategies are inside his Journal. When you are playing the character, people expect it to be Gary " Roach " Sanderson or John " Soap " Mactavish.

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