Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ben Wyatt

Benjamin "Ben" Wyatt is a character in the TV series Parks and Recreation. The character guest starred in two episodes of season two and was upgraded to a series regular in season three. Ben is a state auditor who comes into Pawnee with Chris Traeger to evaluate the town's funds at the end of the second season. Compared to the exuberant Chris, Ben is very serious and straight forward, willing to tell the truth no matter how harsh - the two used to do budget meetings individually, but it didn't work out because Chris would never get anything done and Ben received multiple death threats. He is portrayed by Adam Scott.

Ben is from Partidge, Minnesota. When he was eighteen, he ran for mayor and won on the strength of, in his words, "anti-establishment voter rebellion." However, being so inexperienced, he quickly ran the town's finances into the ground and was impeached after two months. His signature failure was spearheading the development of a winter sports complex called Ice Town which bankrupted the town, leading to the newspaper headline "Ice Town Costs Ice Clown His Town Crown."

Ben is very serious, mature and work-oriented, and usually doesn't seem fazed by much of the immature, eccentric behavior from some of the other members of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, primarily Tom Haverford, Leslie Knope and Andy Dwyer. Ben is often teased by Tom (and, early on, Leslie as well) for his affinity, references and vast knowledge in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and other things considered to be "nerdy". Ben is also shown to have a hard time socializing, as his main area of expertise is his work.

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