Sunday, February 19, 2012

April Ludgate

April Roberta Ludgate is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. She is an apathetic college student employed by the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation as Ron Swanson's assistant. She is married to Andy Dwyer. She is portrayed by Aubrey Plaza. The character has gained popularity for her deadpan-style comedy and witty one-liners.

April Ludgate is a college student who starts out working as an intern in the Pawnee parks and recreation department. April is extremely uninterested in the job, regularly napping at her desk and texting constantly, and acts very dry and sarcastic around her co-workers. She was assigned the internship because she overslept on intern sign-up date, which she blamed on her sister Natalie for not waking her up. April is of mixed English and Puerto Rican descent, and she speaks and understands Spanish fairly well as a result. April claims of her Puerto Rican heritage, "That's why I'm so lively and colorful." April is also the Queen of all things awesome sauce, although she openly disapproves of the word. Her husband, Andy, is the awesome sauce King.

April was responsible for uploading the staff bios onto the Pawnee parks and recreation site, and she jokingly made a fictional bio for herself that reads as follows:

April Ludgate was born in Bj√∂rk’s house in Iceland and grew up on Easter Island, where her parents were giant stone heads. She has the ability to fire beams of tacos out of her hands and she can turn her legs into tigers. On Sundays, April enjoys reading Family Circus and traveling through time. Her favorite color is greenish-transparent and her favorite movie is the one you just watched. April is in charge of uploading the staff bios to the website, and no one has checked over her work.

April starts as an intern at the parks department who is somewhat rebellious and is often annoyed by her fellow parks department workers. Her boyfriend, for the first two seasons, was Derek, who is openly gay and simultaneously dates a fellow college student named Ben, whom April dislikes. (Aubrey Plaza herself came up with the idea of her character's boyfriend being gay and dating another man.)

Although still dating her gay boyfriend, April begins to develop a crush on Andy Dwyer (who works at city hall), the ex-boyfriend of Ann Perkins. Andy is able to make April smile, which is something she rarely does. April flirts with Andy and even convinces Andy to let her give him hickeys on his neck in order to make Ann jealous, but Andy nevertheless remains unaware of her feelings toward him. In order to remain close to Andy, April volunteers to work as Ron's assistant, ending her time as an intern and establishing a full-time position at the Pawnee town hall. April finally breaks up with Derek after he makes fun of Andy and gives her a hard time about spending too much time with him. Toward the end of the season Andy and April's relationship begins to grow to the point that he begins to reciprocate her feelings but their age difference continues to be a wedge between them. They admit their mutual attraction to each other in the season finale, but she tells him she does not want to get involved with him due to what she perceives as his lasting feelings for Ann. She changes her mind after he gets into a car accident and the two kiss for the first time, but she leaves abruptly after he reveals Ann kissed him.

April traveled to Venezuela between seasons but has returned to Pawnee to continue her job at the Parks Dept. and has a new Spanish-speaking Venezuelan boyfriend, Eduardo. April eventually loses interest in and breaks up with Eduardo after he becomes friends with Andy. Andy and April decide to get married in "Fancy Party" after only one month of dating. Andy had proposed to April the day before the party asking, "What if we got married tomorrow?" to which April replied, "Fine." They were married at their dinner party (which was actually a surprise ceremony) in front of their friends and family.


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