Saturday, February 18, 2012

Andy Dwyer

Andrew Maxwell "Andy" Dwyer (ˈdwaɪ.ər/) is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. He is Ann Perkins' ex-boyfriend, a talented-if-yet-unsuccessful musician, a shoe-shiner at Pawnee City Hall, and April Ludgate's husband. He is portrayed by Chris Pratt.

At the start of the series, Andy Dwyer is the boyfriend of Ann Perkins. The two met and fell in love in college, but Ann matured faster than Andy did and, while Ann entered into a career in nursing, Andy remained lazy and spoiled. Andy remained unemployed after school, but was the lead singer and guitarist for his rock band, which has gone through numerous names including "Scarecrow Boat," "Three-Skin," "Just the Tip," and more recently "MouseRat". Andy is also the King of all things Awesome Sauce. His wife, April, although she openly disapproves of the word, is the Awesome Sauce Queen.

Before the start of the season, Andy fell into a large construction pit and broke both his legs while, in an intoxicated state, he tried to retrieve a discarded toaster from the bottom of the pit. Although Ann was unaware at first that he was drunk at the time of the fall, the incident inspires her to attend parks and recreation meetings to advocate the pit be filled in, which leads Ann to befriend parks deputy director Leslie Knope. With both legs in casts, Andy is pampered by Ann, who brings him food and lets him play video games all day. When the doctors inform Andy after a few weeks that the casts can be removed, Andy asks that they be kept on longer so he can continue receiving this treatment from Ann. Eventually, after the casts are removed, Ann learns this and becomes extremely angry with Andy, which eventually leads to the two breaking up.

Andy moved into a tent pitched in the pit and watches Ann, claiming to be protecting her. He made many failed attempts to reconcile with Ann. He does not like Mark because he is dating Ann, but pretends to whenever Ann is around. Andy is injured in the pit a second time when Leslie arranges to have it filled with dirt, unaware Andy is inside at the time. Andy considers suing the town with the hopes of getting money and winning Ann back, but Leslie convinces him to settle out of court in exchange for the pit being filled in. Leslie gives Andy a job as the shoe-shiner at the Pawnee City Hall as part of his settlement. It is here that April Ludgate, the parks department intern, begins to develop a crush on Andy, but he is for a long time unaware of her feelings toward him. As time goes on, however, Andy begins to develop feelings for April, but he is unsure if he wants to date her because she is much younger than he is and because he still has unresolved feelings for Ann, who likewise is starting to show similar feelings for Andy after her relationship with Mark begins to deteriorate. At the end of the season, Ann having broken up with Mark, kisses Andy, but he does not reciprocate. This later causes him problems with April, who continues to believe he is still in love with Ann.

Andy has been unsuccessfully trying to get in touch with April. When she finally returns from Venezuela, she arrives with a new boyfriend, upsetting Andy. Leslie encourages Andy to not give up. Although, in the Episode "Time Capsule" Andy befriends April's new boyfriend. As a result, April begins hating her new boyfriend and he moves back to Venezuela. Andy also becomes the new coach of one of the two youth basketball teams, with Ron being the other coach. Andy's coaching style is much lazier than Ron's strict style. He was also briefly Ron's receptionist in "Flu Season". In the episode "Media Blitz" April leads Andy to believe that if he completes the tasks she hates every day for a month, she will consider being with him. Although she begins this as a bluff, after seeing Andy complete these tasks happily, she kisses him. In the episode "Fancy Party" Andy reveals that he had proposed to April a day earlier after only one month of dating to which April replied, "Fine." They are married at the end of the episode in a surprise ceremony.

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